3rd Of July Photos Needed!

Tomorrow is the 3rd of July. Cue the fireworks!

In May, I asked “06880” readers to crowd-source Memorial Day photos. Dozens came in. By early afternoon, I posted a selection. It was a great way to see the parade, through many different eyes.

Let’s do the same tomorrow. As you get ready for the fireworks — picnicking, painting faces red-white-and-blue, playing with sparklers — send your photos (email: dwoog@optonline.net). Deadline: 10 p.m. Please include brief identification if needed, and of course your own name.

I’ll post some (not all!) by early morning.

Be creative! We want special photos, for our special day. Just one request: Go easy on the fireworks photos. No offense, but unless you’re a real pro they all look the same.

It's not a fireworks celebration without American flag wear...

It’s not a fireworks celebration without American flag wear…

...or a flag top hat.

…or a flag top hat.

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