The Duck As You’ve Never Seen It Before

You can count on a lot of things at the Black Duck: Great wings. A down-home vibe. Sports on TV.

Almost always, that means men’s sports.

But tonight the TVs were tuned to the Women’s World Cup semifinal.

When Carli Lloyd stepped up to take a penalty kick late in the scoreless match, everyone — including the bartenders and wait staff — stopped to watch.

Black Duck - Women's World Cup

She nailed it. The US added an insurance goal, to beat Germany 2-0.

We play England or Japan on Sunday.

You know at least one place to watch the championship game.

14 responses to “The Duck As You’ve Never Seen It Before

  1. Dot Giannone


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  2. I predicted Japan and I’m sticking with my prediction.
    While I’ve never been a soccer fan, I must show some interest on home turf… If the fake injuries ceased, and the penalty kicks were more difficult, then Maybe soccer could be viewed more seriously. Sorry Dan.

    p.s. funny that so many U.S. players have German surnames!

    • Shannon Nordlinger

      It’s clear you’re not a fan, or even understand, the game of soccer. And I think the rest of the world might question your view that soccer isn’t taken seriously. Bleeding from the head, broken teeth and bones, concussions- not sure how those are faked. Is there flopping? Sure, but not common practice for most players or teams. I also invite you to take a shot from the PK line- it’s not as easy as it looks.

    • Nancy it is scientifically proven the PK is one of the most difficult aspects of sport…. Because of its proximity and speed and what not the reaction time is sit second… Even more so then trying to hit a pitch…. So shhhh your ignorance to the sport should be kept in your thoughts

    • I think Nancy’s post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. After all, both her brothers starred on the Staples soccer team, were All-Americans at UConn, and played professionally in the North American Soccer League; and one played for the U.S. national team.

  3. Hey Dan what a game the USNWT had…. My mom and Leila were having dinner at
    323 in the bar area prior to the game… One of the staff warned us that a
    party of nearly 30 had booked the bar area and it might get noisy… It was
    great to see a contingent of Westport parents and their predominantly young
    ladies all decked out in their USA REGALIA!!! They were loud, supportive,
    engaged, and on the edge of their seats. The future looks bright as we know

  4. Seriously, how on earth is diving considered “not common practice” in professional soccer?
    How can the size of home plate be compared to the mammoth size of a soccer goal?
    Goalies can only guess on penalty kicks, they only have luck on their side. Not to mention that the shooter is ALLOWED to feint his/her kick!

    Move the PK line back so that the results are Unpredictable.
    Another ref on the field might help with the diving issue (since fines are inconsequential).

    Put some sportsmanship back into the game of soccer.

    • Nancy, in all my years in soccer I have never heard anyone make the argument you are trying to make about penalty kicks.

      First of all, they’re supposed to be relatively easy to make — because they are awarded for egregious fouls (and hand balls, which are not allowed). They are not supposed to be “50/50.”

      But what’s your stand on basketball free throws? Those are given out all the time — but there’s no one guarding the basket when a shooter attempts to make one.

      Please tell me you’re kidding.

      • Basketball free throws are equally boring and predictable.

        The soccer net might as well be empty for a penalty kick.
        The time it takes for a goal keeper to save the kick, at that speed, in that area, is humanly near-impossible. Then again, there is luck.

        By “egregious fouls”, do you include diving?

        • Even the CFL has modified the convert (from the 12 to the 32 yard line) to make it less predictable.

          And, as for my point re diving (or flopping, as you call it), I just hope that young players watching the World Cup are not learning bad habits.

        • Diving is not a penalty kick issue — it’s a refereeing issue.

          I will not get drawn into a long discussion on this. I’ve made my points; that’s the end of my involvement here.

          If others want to engage you, they can.

  5. As I wrote to Dan at half-time last evening — when all was said and done — the fact that the field of Women’s World Cup teams has expanded to 24, that so many new, young, and underfunded teams have risen to such a level is truly phenomenal.
    To the USNWT: Well done, good game… Cheers!

    p.s. Thanks to all the American fans who came to Vancouver with great World Cup support (and spent their dollars!)

  6. FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup?! Never heard of it (but it sure is an example of tweaking a sport!). Russia has just won to Madagascar.

    Lots of sports can be tweaked to keep up with ever advancing athleticism (perhaps tennis should test for steroids?)