Goodbye And Hello

As sad as Westport is to see Maxine Bleiweis go — and we are very sad — we’re not the only town sorry to lose its library director.

The Chelsea District Library bids farewell to Bill Harmer. And throughout Michigan, the tributes are pouring in.

Board president Elizabeth Sensoli calls him “brilliant … his talent and spirit have made our library a very special place … I will miss his unquenchable enthusiasm and ‘out of the box’ thinking.”

Trustee Robin Wagner adds, “Bill is a remarkable leader, driven by a contagious passion for continuously improving the library experience for guests, staff and community. Bill’s constant focus is understanding what is this library today, envisioning how can it be better tomorrow, and wondering how to get there sooner than tomorrow.”

Well, Chelsea’s loss is Westport’s gain. All those plaudits are for the Westport Library’s new director.

Harmer takes over from Bleiweis on July 27. Sounds like we’ve got ourselves another world-class winner.

Bill Harmer

Bill Harmer

4 responses to “Goodbye And Hello

  1. Stephanie Bass

    …does he have a brother who could run our school system? Or can the library board find us a new school superintendent and principal?

  2. Welcome to Westport! ‘A world-class winner’ –of course! From (my darling) Michigan…if you wish, we know where you can find some Vernors! 😉

  3. Jodi Wallace

    I had the pleasure of meeting Bill during the interview process, and while the Library, most assuredly, will miss Maxine, I don’t think it’s going to miss a beat in its role as a cultural, intellectual and innovation hub for the community of Westport! Welcome aboard, Bill!

  4. Jeff Seaver

    Dan, thanks so much for this introduction, and I thought the turnabout was quite clever. Indeed, it appears Westport is continuing its long-standing reputation as a center for excellence, and forward thinking in education, business development and community service – and our library is no exception. By all accounts it looks like Bill Harmer will carry on our grand tradition of visionary thinking set by Maxine Bleiweis and the terrific staff at the library… it’s nice to be able to look forward to bigger and better things to come.