Cops Descend On Westport In Search Of…

…good Italian food.

Forget donuts. In 2015, police officers have a much more discerning palate.

Even so, Celia Offir was impressed — but not surprised — to see motorcycle cops from 4 different towns parked outside Gaetano’s the other day.



Never heard of it? Gaetano’s flies under the radar. But in just a year the Italian deli near Super Stop & Shop has gained a fervent following for fantastic food, great service and a very friendly vibe.

Don’t believe me? Check out these Yelp reviews.

Or just ask a cop from Westport. Or Fairfield, New Canaan or Trumbull.

3 responses to “Cops Descend On Westport In Search Of…

  1. elise black


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  2. Mary Palmieri Gai

    Being first generation Italian is great.. growing up at my house was like being in a house in Italy (fresh bread baked twice a week, homemade wine, homemade sausage hanging from the pipes, bottled tomatoes from the garden, fresh pasta..etc) Gaetano’s is the closest thing to my own mother’s food that is available commercially. She and her sisters learned in Italy and as cooks they were beyond fabulous. I have a difficult time eating any Italian food I don’t make myself. Gaetano’s is supreme. My kids cannot get enough!! Mangia, Mangia!!

  3. Ryan Brennan

    Gaetanos has been around for a while, wouldn’t really say it flies under the radar. It’s the best Italian food in the area.