Newman’s Own Stamp

From Walt Reed and Stevan Dohanos to Miggs Burroughs, Westport artists have designed dozens of US postage stamps.

There have been so many, in fact, that the Westport Historical Society devoted an entire exhibit to the illustrators and their stamps.

Now, a famous Westporter is being honored with a stamp of his own.

Paul Newman’s very good-looking face will grace a “Forever Stamp.” It goes on sale September 18.

Paul Newman stampThere’s not enough room on the stamp to list all of Newman’s accomplishments. He’s been an award-winning actor, producer, director, race car driver, salad dressing/lemonade king, humanitarian, founder of a camp for kids with cancer, and contributor to many causes, around the globe and right here in his home town.

So it reads simply “Actor/Philanthropist.”

To which Westporters proudly add: Our actor/philanthropist.

(For more information on the stamp, click here. Hat tip: Melissa Chang)

4 responses to “Newman’s Own Stamp

  1. Fred Jackson

    Well done USPO. There could not be a better choice than Paul. He was an inspiration as an actor, race driver, father and , most important, as a dedicated visionary. I was honored to have known him.

  2. Gil Ghitelman

    This is the ultimate Forever stamp!! I plan on getting a zillion of them and using them forever. Does the post office take pre-orders?

  3. Stephanie Bass

    What a gorgeous man, inside and out.

  4. Diane Cady