An Ace Customer At Crossroads Hardware

If you’ve lived in Westport for more than 12 seconds, you know that Crossroads Ace Hardware is the place — for any home-related item you could imagine, for fantastic personal service, and for that sit-around-the-potbelly-stove community feeling you can’t get anywhere else.

Ace HardwareIf you don’t know and love Jimmy Izzo, his father AJ and the rest of the Ace crew, you should crawl back into your cave.

But if you’re like me, you’ve probably driven by at night after they’ve closed and thought, “Wow, they leave a lot of stuff outside. They must really trust people.”

They do. And here’s why.

Yesterday morning, Jimmy went to open up. Under the door, he found a handwritten slip of paper.

Overnight, a customer had helped himself to some bamboo sticks, copper pipe and plastic tomato stakes.

Jimmy Izzo - Ace Hardware

The customer listed all those items on that sheet of paper. He also slipped a check under the door for the total amount.

Plus tax.

“People are good,” Jimmy says.

Well, yeah. Because, Jimmy, you’re good to them.

17 responses to “An Ace Customer At Crossroads Hardware

  1. Unfortunately that shopping center is the only recognizable place when I last visited Westport

  2. Beth Berkowitz

    Yes, Jimmy and the rest of the people in the Hardware store are truly good people! I have had keys made there and sometimes, just like everywhere, they don’t work. They never question you about not wanting that copy of the key, they just ask would you like us to try it again or can we refund your money for the key that doesn’t work? They also always apologize for not making the key so it worked. I also, have bought many other items there and often need to ask for help and ask questions and they are so helpful and pleasant even with my barrage of questions, they are patient too. All places should take a lesson from them in customer service! kudos to the person who left the note and the check for the items they needed when the store was closed! They must be awesome people too! If all the people in the world were more like these people, we would have world peace and live a happier and healthier existence in this world.

  3. Martin Gitlin

    It’s so tempting to get on the Turnpike and head to the big box (soon to be big boxes) hardware store(s) in Norwalk, but it’s so terrific to have Jimmy, AJ and the crew available right here in town. It’s also great that the hire local high school kids to help out in the store after school. They helped me out of a jam recently and so now when I need something I find myself taking a right to Crossroads instead of a left to Norwalk. The only thing is that I have to make sure that I do it after Coffe an’ closes, since donuts are a big weakness of mine…..

  4. I believe that! There is a sense of warmth, knowledge and integrity in that
    Diane Cady

  5. Jimmy, AJ, and the great crew at Crossroads have many things to offer that the big box stores don’t – like a real, live human to help you address the problem that brought you there in the first place. Ever stood in the plumbing aisle at Home Depot with broken stuff in your hands and a less than thrilled spouse at home? Good times. Oh, and if you need to get you mind right about anything that’s going on in town – just ask, these guys will patiently do that too. No charge.

  6. Mary Ruggiero

    So wonderful – and yes, as Jim said, most folks live up to your expectations.

  7. Ellen Wentworth

    I agree with all of those statements. When I moved here 21 summers ago I purchased a Weber grill and they not only gave me a fair price they assembled it and had it ready for me while I was out still running errands!
    Love that store❤️

  8. Tracy Flood

    Love them and the story!!! Thanks Dan!

  9. Mary Schmerker

    I’ll bet it is the same Izzo family that was living in Westport and the same Izzo’s that I went to High school with 50+ years ago.
    Great family in a wonderful home town.

  10. Jamie Walsh

    They are the best and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to everything hardware and garden related! They epitomize the best of local retailers!!! Love you guys!!!

  11. Mark Mathias

    Very happy to go to the Izzos and their helpful staff. They’re knowledgeable about the products they offer and are always helpful whether the project is for around the home or even for one of my children’s projects.

    A special thanks for their four years of support of the Westport Mini Maker Faire. They have graciously provided the materials for the Marshmallow Shooters that are so popular every year. They provide a service to our community far beyond being a hardware store.

  12. Wendy Cusick

    While we’re on the subject of hardware stores. I go to Westport Hardware. Which used be on Main St back in the day when I was kind. I may be from Norwalk but love them. Got them on speed dial. My mother loves Westport Hardware she has her list the owner or the employees always double check to make sure they get everything for her and they all call her Mom. They call out across the store ad she enters Hi Mom! or if I come by myself where/how’s Mom. I drive by Crossroads for some reason never crossed my mind to stop in. One of these days I will. I guessed we all have our Favorite Hardware stores and stories.

    • Westport Hardware also has a very loyal customer base — and great service. Is it the same Westport Hardware that used to be on Main Street though, or just the same name?

      • Wendy Cusick

        New Owners same name. They got all excited when I said my parents and I remember them from their spot on Main St. Orginal owner from Main St sold, middle owner had to move to current location, then new current owners Mr and Mrs Velez? Got to check that and two daughters run it now.

  13. Mrs. Essagof

    Since moving her 26 years ago Ace is my goto place for finding the right way to handle household problems. This is not advice you’ll ever get at Home Depot or any other store I’ve ever been to. They always have the right screw, piece or remedy for a small problem before it becomes a big one and then tell me exactly how to use whatever I buy. Love having Crossroads “around the corner”

  14. Patricia Ireland

    Yes, Rich and his family own the Westport Hardware store now. It is a family run store across from The Fresh Market. He used to work for the store and do handyman work after hours, including for me, before he bought the store. Lovely family and Rich is very knowledgeable in all areas. Westport is lucky to have not one but two family owned and operated hardware stores in town.