Felicitations, Bob Loomis

In the 1930s, Bob Loomis lived on the outskirts of Paris with his American father and French mother. When the Germans occupied the country, his parents moved to the US.

Loomis was drafted in 1942. On D-Day, he landed on Utah Beach. With many other soldiers, he fought heroically to recapture that important territory. He earned a Silver Star for saving his troops from a grenade that landed in their foxhole.

After the war, Loomis became a commercial artist. He’s lived in Westport for 55 years, including a long stint as art director for the marketing giant MCA.

In his mid-50s, Loomis went to nursing school. For decades, he served as a member of Westport’s Volunteer Emergency Medical Service corps.

In 1985, Bob Loomis designed the logo for Westport's 150th anniversary celebration.

In 1985, Bob Loomis designed the logo for Westport’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday, June 17), he’ll welcome a special visitor to his Kings Highway home. Connecticut’s honorary French consulate is coming from Hartford, to award him the Croix de Guerre: France’s medal of honor for bravery in combat.

It’s part of the French government’s ongoing effort to recognize American soldiers, for their help in the liberation of France.

Remarkably, this is the 3rd Croix de Guerre for the Loomis family. His father received the honor for his heroism as a fighter pilot in World War I. And Loomis’ cousin was awarded the same medal for working with the Underground in World War II, hiding soldiers from the Germans.

That cousin is 96, living in Paris. Loomis and he are often in touch.

Now — thanks to the French government — they have one more special bond.

Bob Loomis proudly displays some of his medals. Tomorrow, he'll add the Croix de Guerre.

Bob Loomis proudly displays some of his medals. Tomorrow, he’ll add the Croix de Guerre.

(Hat tip: Patricia Broderick)

10 responses to “Felicitations, Bob Loomis

  1. Ann Marie Flynn

    Dear Bob…..thank you for being our hero and putting your life on the line so we may have the freedom we now have…plus a wonderful quality of life. Your Croix de Guerre has been earned. We owe our being to all our troops.

  2. Congratulations and thank you, good sir.

  3. Laurence S. Untermeyer

    Dan… For your information, Ted Diamond is due to receive the same honor from the French Government at the Consulate in New York in July on his 98th Birthday. Ted flew 50 or so bombing missions over Germany during world war II. Most of the planes from his squadron were shot down and lost by flak or German fighters during those raids.. It’s my plan to go with him and his wife Carol to NY to shake his hand and report the history making story. For 12 or 13 or more years, Nikki, until she became ill, and I traveled with the Diamonds to 20 or more countries, around the Globe, with many stops in Paris and the South of France. WhereI had a Aunt who lived in Canne, Nice and Paris most of her life, she was in her late nineties when she died. Ted, who is well into his 90’s has a great story that should be told…Larry >

  4. We all owe you great thanks.

  5. It’s wonderful the French government is recognizing these individuals for their heroism.

  6. Tom Feeley Sr

    WOW…Combat Infantryman, Bronze Star, and a VERY hard to get Silver Star.
    Good for you Sarge ! Good for you !
    Thank you for being there…

  7. That modest gentle war hero stood on the bridgeport many months to protest the War in Iraq. mmm

  8. Ann Marie Flynn

    Larry…..thank you very much for Ted Diamond’s war history.
    This town has many unsung heroes and I’m happy they are finally being honored.
    Yes…we do live in a town of modest strong heroes.
    We are very fortunate.

  9. Debra Haines

    Dear Bob,
    You were my boss and mentor when we worked together in the 80’s. From you I not only learned about visual design and thinking but also learned key life skills. You imparted those by example each and everyday. I knew you were in a combat role in WWII and loved riding a motorcycle. It does not surprise me you were also a war hero as you have always been a hero in my eyes. Congratulations my friend.