Y Announces $5 Million Social Responsibility Fund

Pat Riemersma has been CEO of the Westport Weston Family YMCA for only a week. But her 1st announcement was a big one.

The Y’s 91st annual meeting yesterday was highlighted by the formation of a new Bedford Family Social Responsibility Fund.

With $5 million from the estate of Ruth Bedford — out of $40 million in total she bequeathed to the Y that her grandfather, Edward T. Bedford, founded — as well as from past president and longtime trustee Allen Raymond, the fund will provide grants in areas like child welfare, substance abuse, community service and military outreach. It will also work with faith-based organizations, and serve residents of Westport, Weston, Norwalk and Bridgeport, in cooperation with neighboring Ys.

The first funds will be distributed in June 2016.

Riemersma’s announcement was made at a fitting site: the Y’s Bedford Family Center is on Allen Raymond Lane.

The Westport Weston Family Y hosted its 1st annual meeting at its new home yesterday.

The Westport Weston Family Y hosted its 1st annual meeting at its new home yesterday.

4 responses to “Y Announces $5 Million Social Responsibility Fund

  1. What a wonderful statement of values by the Y! Bravo! – Chris Woods

  2. Thomas orofino

    Nice to have included the membership in this new initiative. Looks like same ole same ole………….let the members eat cake.

    • Jerry MacDaid

      Really? $40MM unexpectedly drops out of the sky on the Y’s head, the board decides to earmark $5MM of that to fund social needs in the community, and that’s your response? What would have been your priority? Gold toilet seats? Distribute it to the members?

      You do know the Y’s Mission Statement right? Let me help. First sentence: “The Westport Weston Family YMCA enriches the community by developing and nurturing youth, promoting healthy living for all and fostering social responsibility.” Sounds to me like the Y decided to put its money where it’s mouth was and use a small part of its windfall to further part of its mission while leaving a pile for other purposes.

      I apologize to all, including Mr. Orofino, for the harsh tone of the above but, seriously folks, can we have some perspective.

  3. Dana McCreesh