Hey, Has Anyone Seen My Hula Hoop?

A few months ago, we learned — via an “06880” photo of shoes dangling mysteriously on telephone wires over Myrtle Avenue — that that signals drugs are available nearby. Who knew?!

So what are we to make of this latest scene, at a traffic light not far away? This was spotted — and photographed — by Bob Weingarten, at the Main Street/North Kings Highway/Myrtle Avenue intersection. (What is it with Myrtle Avenue, anyway?)

Traffic light

If you have any idea — or want to hazard a guess — click “Comments” below.

9 responses to “Hey, Has Anyone Seen My Hula Hoop?

  1. A hula hoop means that prostitutes are in the area and if you see them they are available to work. Finally, something fun has come to Westport!

  2. Maybe…hips gone wild?

  3. Tom Turnbull

    Looks like a hula “oops!”

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  4. Sharon Paulsen


    OKAY … so, Male prostitutes … or, Female prostitutes???

    One assumes the latter, in general, am I right?

    Funny, haha, knee slapping … Um, not.

  5. To the enlightened, circulus in probando?

  6. Bob Weingarten

    It’s gone…