Staples Baseball Scores

Today at noon, the Staples baseball team plays for its 1st state championship since 2001.

The Wreckers — a strong, deep team with excellent pitching — have a great shot. But years from now, no matter how the players remember this game against Amity, chances are good they’ll remember something else from the season.

Wrecker baseballIt happened a few days ago. Staples had just defeated Hamden 7-0, in round 1 of the state tournament.

Hamden’s star player was Jim Magson, a 6-2, 190-pound shortstop with plenty of college offers. But he turned them all down.

He’s enlisting in the Marine Corps. In August, he heads to Parris Island boot camp.

The loss to the Wreckers meant that Magson had just played his last baseball game ever. During the ceremonial handshake line, Staples coach Jack McFarland impulsively invited Magson into the Wrecker dugout.

He introduced the Hamden senior, and told the players about Magson’s decision to become a Marine.

“He’s a real hero,” McFarland said. “In a few months, he could be on a mountain somewhere. He’ll be risking his life, so that you can have all the freedoms you take for granted.”

It was a powerful, teachable moment. In the glow of victory, the Staples baseball team had plenty to think about — far beyond the next game.

(The state class LL baseball championship is set for 12 p.m. today [Saturday, June 13] at Palmer Field in Middletown. The game will be broadcast and livestreamed on 90.3 WWPT-FM; click here to listen.)

The 2015 Staples baseball team.

The 2015 Staples baseball team.

8 responses to “Staples Baseball Scores

  1. Jamie Walsh

    Semper Fi Jim Magson! Very courageous decision!

  2. Rich Franzis

    Hamden’s coach Chris Borelli said it best in an email to Coach Jack McFarland, on which he copied the Staples Administration:

    I’d like to express my thanks for your acknowledgement of Jim Magson after the game yesterday. Truly one of the classiest moves I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in the sports arena. It serves as a good reminder of what is most important about what we do as coaches, helping to mold boys into men. Good luck the rest of the way.

    I couldn’t agree more. The Wreckers are 20-4 due to some exceptional athletes and an exceptional coaching staff. Jack is an incredible asset to Staples High School.

  3. I agree this is a teachable moment – every Staples player in the dugout is or will be a voter. They can decide to do what their elders have failed to do for a generation. They can take responsibility for whether this brave young man and others are put in a war zone. Most of us haven’t served in the military and most of us aren’t encouraging our children to enter the armed forces. Our responsibility to those who do doesn’t end with applause for them at a baseball game (be it a Staples or Yankees game). We the people have the responsibility for determining whether to put our brave young men and women in danger. We can demand that our U.S. representatives only risk this brave young man’s life after voting for a declaration of war on an enemy. We can demand that our representatives impeach any President, this one or the next or the next, who risks this young man’s life without such a declaration of war. We can vote out any representative who fails to abide by these principles and in so doing fails to value the lives of such brave young men and women. We do owe a lot to young people like Jim Magson – let’s fulfill that obligation.

  4. Sheila Flinn

    Really? Your comments are despicable Mr. Menz. Shame on you for making this gesture by Jack McFarland a political statement. Way to go coach! Go Wreckers!

  5. Peter Perry

    Need to give McFarland props for this maybe he will realize how ridiculous those camo jerseys r


  6. Can we just celebrate this young mans position and respect his decision to serve his country without all the polarizing commentary! Go Wreckers!

  7. Sally Palmer

    Equally classy response from the Hamden coach. We can only hope all our kids’ coaches have the right handle on the purpose of their jobs, as these two do.

  8. Congrats to Jack,,, Hopefully this will inspire these young men to support our troops,, never mind the political speech above,this is about a coach and a brave young man,,,

    Ed Cribari – Vietnam Vet –