Towering Over Greens Farms Road

Remember that 120-foot cell tower proposed for a private residence on Greens Farms Road?

It’s on hold — but drivers in the area have recently noticed a smaller tower, near — but not on — the property in question.

Emergency response tower - Greens Farms Road

Hold your texts and emails (if you can get a signal). This is not that cell tower.

It’s Westport’s Emergency Response System — and it’s been there since the mid-1980s. It was installed to warn residents of impending disasters (I’m just guessing, but say, a truck accident involving toxic chemicals on nearby I-95).

The proposed cell tower will be 75 to 100 feet taller than this structure.

So why are people just now noticing it?

A widening project on Greens Farms Road (including a new turning lane onto Hillspoint, visible in the photo above), and resulting deforestation of the area, has made the Emergency Response System more prominent.

As for the cell tower: neighbors, local officials and state legislators are still working to prevent its construction on private property, in a residential zone. The town continues to seek an alternative site on state DOT property.


10 responses to “Towering Over Greens Farms Road

  1. Susan Hopkins

    Is it me, or perhaps it is the angle of the photo, but Westport’s Emergency Response System tower appears a bit “leaning tower of of Pisa-y”!

  2. Susan Hopkins

    Should read: “Leaning tower of Pisa-y”.

  3. Dan,
    Is that you, on your Hog, not wearing a helmet!!!

    • Nah. Real men don’t wear helmets. (They also are much more likely to become organ donors at an early age, but hey, it was fun while it lasted.)

  4. Morley Boyd

    The wind was really picking up as Dan and Chet eased their bikes onto Hillspoint Road. Both men noticed that the town’s charming, pagoda style bluebird house was listing dangerously to starboard.

    • Wendy Cusick

      Mr. Boyd you have quite the sense of humor!!! I’m laughing so hard right now. You always have something ‘Cool’ to say. I also appreciate your serious side of Westport History.

  5. Radar O’Reilly comes to mind.

  6. Mary Ann West

    The emergency warning system was used pre-Sandy to notify neighbors to evacuate.

  7. I don’t believe for a nano second that we don’t have the technology to do something other than those ugly towers to get reception. There’s probably a device the size of a quarter that we could put on the roof of buildings and houses that could do the same thing.