Fish & Chips & Nachos

Two long-established, well-loved — and decidedly not fancy — Westport restaurants made big national “best of” news lately.

Coastal Living named  Westfair Fish & Chips one of the 22 best “Seafood Dives” in the country.

The magazine raved:

Westfair covers all of the clam chowder bases: New England (white), Manhattan (red), and Rhode Island (clear). This tiny storefront, with just five tables and half a dozen stools at a window counter, hides in a strip mall and caters mostly to nearby residents. Fried clams and fried oysters, both lightly battered, are especially tender and juicy.

A tantalizing dish from Westport Fish & Chips.

A tantalizing dish from Westport Fish & Chips.

Meanwhile, the Delish website picked 1 “Epic Nacho Plate” from every state.

Connecticut’s entry? “Nachos with sausage” from Viva Zapata.

Viva Zapata's nachos with sausage.

Viva Zapata’s nachos with sausage.

Congratulations to 2 very popular spots. We can always count — if not count calories — on you.

(Hat tip: Mary Lynn Halland)

6 responses to “Fish & Chips & Nachos

  1. Don’t forget the onion rings… Mmmm-mmm!

  2. Susan Hopkins

    Salivating over Viva Zapata’s nachos! Mmmm … !

  3. Good to see some things have not changed since last time we were in Wspt .back in 2002 🙂

  4. Mary Ann Batsell

    Every time I sell a home to someone in Westport or Fairfield I make sure that they know about Westfair Fish and Chip, it is by far the best seafood around. I had one client who loved it so much that every time she had friends or relatives visiting she was sure to include at least one night of Westfair Fish & Chip.

  5. Wendy Cusick

    Westfair Fish is the Best it is worth the trip from Norwalk!! Thatks how good it is! My mouth is watering.

  6. Wendy Cusick

    *That’s how Good it is! Oops typo sorry