Memorial Day 2015: We Remember

Memorial Day

4 responses to “Memorial Day 2015: We Remember

  1. Susan Hopkins

    In Remembrance of The Fallen.

    In loving memory of my uncle, James J. Baylis (1918-1942)
    Killed-in-action: Souk El Arba, Tunisia, North Africa – November 29, 1942

  2. Marcy Anson Fralick Class of 1970

    I have noticed that Memorial Day seems to be a much deeper, or more reverent holiday in the East than it is out here in the West. Maybe it has to do with the Revolutionary War and the Civil War and the battlegrounds, monuments and daily reminders of our military back East. People here in AZ, CO, NM, and other western states rarely fly flags on their homes, or have parades to celebrate the holiday. Instead, the Tipsy Taxi will be running extended hours all weekend for the party revelers who imbibe too much BBQ beer.

    All the stores are open as usual (Target, grocery, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Best Buy, Sports Authority, etc) and since school’s been out since the first week of May, and all the graduation ceremonies (high school and college) were the 15th and 16th of May, lots of people are on vacation.

    It’s sad that it’s such a non-Holiday here; instead, it’s a camping, BBQ, 1st day of summer unofficially, party weekend. I still fly my flag, even though I’m the only one…

  3. Marcy, same here in Northern Calif. We’re the only ones on our street that put out the flag for memorial Day.

  4. Marcy Anson Fralick Class of 1970

    Friday afternoon, there was a steady stream of RV’s, 5th Wheels, pop-ups, cars and trucks, many pulling boats, going up to the mountains for camping, fishing and boating. Most of the campsites were sold out weeks ago. It’ll be like that on 4th of July and Labor Day, too. No one sticks around town on these long weekends.