Celebrating Our Memorial Day Parade

The Memorial Day parade is one of Westport’s favorite town events.

Everyone has a favorite spot to watch from. Everyone has a favorite band, float or marcher to photograph.

But why share them only with a few hundred dear pals, casual acquaintances and random how’d-they-get-on-my-list Facebook “friends”?

Tomorrow, let all of Westport see “your” Memorial Day parade. Send a few (not all!) of your photos to “06880” (email: dwoog@optonline.net). Deadline: noon. Please include brief identification, if needed, and of course your own name.

I’ll post some (not all!) in the afternoon.

And be creative! We want special photos, for our special parade.

This sign on the parade route last year said it all.

This sign on the parade route last year said it all.

9 responses to “Celebrating Our Memorial Day Parade

  1. Jill Nash von Schmidt

    Love that you’re doing this for all of us who don’t live close enough to see the parade in person. Thanks, Dan!😊

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Is the Staples marching band still going strong?
    Would love to see video clips of those guys marching and playing!
    I was a member during the 1980’s/Jack Adams days, when he introduced “professional” uniforms for the group, including those crazy-cute plumed feathery hats!

    Great memories.

    Thanks Dan for offering up!

  3. Sandy Soennichsen

    Sharon, the way the Staples Band looks now, you’d be embarrassed to see a video clip of them. Well, maybe you’d enjoy it so you can see their unmatching khakis and polo shirts they stroll with now.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Wow, that’s a shame to hear. Wonder if it’s because of budget cuts to the music department or something like that?
      I can’t recall how we obtained those awesome uniforms – a combo of fundraisers and donations maybe – it’s been a long time, ha!
      We had started off ragtag then too (navy-blue Gap sweaters or polo’s and white pants, which actually looked pretty sharp for what it was), then Jack made us into something amazing. Pro uniforms plus excellent musicians = kick A– marching band!

      Thanks for the feedback Sandy.

      • On the flip side, they sound fantastic!

        • Sandy Soennichsen

          Lol….so do KISS.

        • Sharon Paulsen

          Dan, that’s good to hear that they still have the chops!! I hope someone gets that on video! The best spot to catch the band in “full horn” used to be as we crossed the Saugatuck bridge into town – that’s how Jack Adams coordinated it anyway, way back when.
          I’ve seen only a few subsequent parades since then, in the 90’s and maybe once in early 2000’s, and it never seemed to have that same exciting punch, or ideal timing. But, I was perhaps hyper-critical and overly reminiscent of my own experience.
          Anyway, can’t wait to see what people submit for this year’s parade!

      • Didn’t the Booster Club supply all uniforms?
        Imagine if Staples had a Bagpiper band today? They could re-use the cheer leading kilts from the ’70’s!

        Seriously, there is nothing better than a good marching band, and the U.S. is best at it.
        Enjoy the parades tomorrow.

  4. Sandy Soennichsen

    I will miss seeing George Marks Sr AND Jr marching in the Honor Guard with Westport’s finest, our police department. And Bob Carusone always bringing up the rear at the end of the parade. Just hope they march in cadence this year.