Monumental Memorial Day

(Photo/Robin Tauck)

(Photo/Robin Tauck)

11 responses to “Monumental Memorial Day

  1. Rich Correll

    Two problems here. The flag should never be worn as ANY type of clothing and it’s touching the ground. Do your research before thinking they’re doing something good. Now the question is who will do the right thing and remove it. Disrespectful.

  2. Debi (Hunn) Norberg

    Dan, as a military mom, I have to agree with Rich. While someone’s intentions were most likely good, this is disrespectful to the flag so many have given their lives for. Today is a solemn day for many families and Vets, who have lost loved ones and friends in war. My son would take offense.

  3. Not appropriate for our flag it’s not to be draped over a statue

  4. sandy johnson

    Agreeing with all the above, I’m sure someone meant well, but as one who can say “i remember Pearl Harbor”,please do repect our flag. I was 7 years old, and the trauma was unbelievable among the adults. My brother in law flew 25 missions over Europe, and my brother spent a year in occupied Japan after the war. It was a tough time!!

  5. Harry Smiley

    Totally wrong

  6. Susan Hopkins

    All of the Above. Time for a refresher course in Flag Etiquette. Or is that not considered politically correct these days? Rhetorical question.

  7. Lighten up folks.
    The Intention here is to celebrate the flag…on the Minuteman, who is traditionally (in Westport) draped in all sorts of seasonal apparel. While it’s not technically “proper etiquette,” it’s certainly patriotic. And it helps us remember that it is Memorial Day.

    • Morley Boyd

      The inappropriate, disrespectful display of the flag notwithstanding, this business of seasonally pimping out a war memorial is wrong and no one would do it to the Sherwood Island 9/11 site. These monuments stand for something important. How about we enforce some standards? We just spent a lot of money to restore the Minuteman statue – it has a fence around it for a reason. How is it that people are freely permitted entry?

  8. I see it as the Country “has his back”.