Stacy Bass’ Gardens Of Delight

With spring in full bloom, Westporters have headed outside with a vengeance.

This is a town that loves gardens. But no matter how much time, effort and money we (or our hired help) spend on our plants, flowers and pathways, they seldom look the way we want them to.

Or the way Stacy Bass makes them look.

Phoebe Cole-Smith's garden in Weston. (Photo/Stacy Bass)

Phoebe Cole-Smith’s garden in Weston. (Photo/Stacy Bass)

The renowned Westport photographer — a Barnard, Columbia and NYU Law School graduate whose work has been featured in solo exhibitions, private and corporate collections, and magazines like House Beautiful — is about to publish Gardens at First Light.

Stacy chose 12 exceptional gardens in the Northeast. The book includes more than 200 photographs — all taken at daybreak. The light at that special time of day makes the gardens shimmer with hope and possibility (and create not a little envy in those of us whose gardens look nothing like these).

The backyard garden of Arlene Scanlan, in Westport. (Photo/Stacy Bass)

A page from Stacy Bass’ book, showing the backyard garden of Arlene Scanlan in Westport. (Photo/Stacy Bass)

Hand-drawn sketches offer a bird’s-eye view of each property. Additional photos provide even more perspective.

Two of the featured gardens are in Westport: her own, and Arlene Scanlan’s. Phoebe Cole-Smith’s is in Weston.

But enough about Stacy, and her beautiful gardens. Stop reading. Go outside. There’s work to be done!

(Gardens at First Light will be published May 5 by athome Books. The Connecticut launch party is Thursday, May 7, 5:30-7:30 pm at White Birch Studios in Sconset Square.)

Stacy Bass' own Westport garden. (Photo/Stacy Bass)

Stacy Bass’ own Westport garden. (Photo/Stacy Bass)

7 responses to “Stacy Bass’ Gardens Of Delight

  1. brad french

    I love my gardens!

  2. Absolutely glorious! Thank you for sharing…

  3. Jamie Walsh

    Gardens are truly magical and I am sure this book by such a talented photographer will be amazing!

  4. Bob Knoebel

    Love this Stacy!

  5. I collect garden books so I’ll have to get my hands on this gem!

  6. Tom Kashetta

    For those of you who don’t know Brad French. He is a life long resident of Westport who owns a landscaping business. He is responsible for planting and maintaining many of there beautiful gardens. He is a true professional and does amazing landscape designes that last for years.

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