Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #14

“06880” readers are impressive! It took only a few minutes last Sunday for Jane Nordli and Randy Hammond to identify the photo challenge: a plaque (and nearby sculpture) honoring Jerry Kaiser, at the end of Riverside Avenue by the train station.

(Bonus: We learned all about Jerry, including his role in inviting Martin Luther King to speak at Temple Israel. We found out that the sculpture in his honor is from the frieze at New  York’s old Penn Station. We even heard from Jerry’s nephew, famed journalist Charles Kaiser. To see all that — and the plaque — click here.)

Moving right along, here is this week’s photo challenge — courtesy, as always, from Lynn U. Miller. It’s a view we’ve all seen — a lot. But where?

Oh My 06880 - April 5, 2015 - 2

If you think you know, click “Comments.” May the best (and fastest) man (or woman) win.


26 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #14

  1. Too easy. This is that place on Main Street near TD Bank that’s been “closed” for several years – except when it’s “open,” before it’s “closed” again. I’ve had screen doors repaired there. Business name is “Napa” I believe.

  2. jennifer frank

    It’s the weird clock/glass repair shop on main street near td bank, was just thinking the other day, is it ever open and what do they actually repair?

  3. That’s at that screen door shop..top of Main sr.

  4. Denise Torve

    Main Street opposite Luxe

  5. naptha glass on main st.

  6. Denise Torve

    Such an eyesore!

  7. Stacy Prince

    Yeah, I always thought of it as the glass/screen shop. Miss having that reasonably priced service so handy.

  8. Wow! You “06880” peeps (Happy Easter!) are GOOD! Everyone so far has nailed it. This is the screen repair/glass store at 201 Main Street, opposite Joe’s Pizza/Luxe/Le Rouge/the old Sally’s Place. It definitely is often closed — and right now there’s a “For Rent” sign above it. It is prime real estate, ready for rehab.

  9. It’s on main st, they fixed screens but can’t remember name…

  10. Paul Curtis

    Screen and window repair shop on Main Street?

  11. Arlene Avellanet

    Nappa sales. On Main St. Closed years ago

  12. Screen and window repair store on Main St that is never open

  13. As noted above, you guys are all correct!

  14. Jill Christerson-Lundgren

    Minuteman Cleaners near the RR station?

  15. Morley Boyd

    What Nappa did was repair screens. But what it “was” was a small business. One among many that once lined along Main Street. It might be an “eyesore” to some newer residents, but to those of us who maintain our own houses, it was a place where we could go to get something basic. I realize that times – and perspectives – change, but Nappa was part of that quirky bit of old Westport has now nearly been expunged from the landscape. I’m sure that a new and successful business will take its place but it should be acknowledged that a little bit of us has been lost in the process.

    • Denise Torve

      An eyesore is an eyesore. It’s not a comment on the value of the services provided. I’ve lived in town for 18 years and hire folks if my son or I can’t repair something ourselves.

  16. It was known as Heckman’s, according to my brother who worked there during summers in the mid sixties.

  17. Dick Lowenstein

    Still in business, I hope? I was last there in the spring for storm-door repairs. They did a great job at a fair price.

  18. Doug’s Garage on the Post Rd in

  19. Nancy Barrer

    Could this be the place on Main Street where I have my screens repaired (NAPCO)? If so there is a great lemon shrub inside the door.

  20. Sandra Rosen

    that screen repair shop on main

  21. As noted several times above, this is Nappa at 201 Main Street — the screen repair place. The building currently has a “For Rent” sign.

  22. if you think it is an eyesore, imagine all of us who own older houses with need of a repair to a damaged-screen and no place to go. The brothers who own the shop have experienced some poor health. I wish them

    • Denise Torve

      Believe me I know what you mean. My screens have needed repair numerous times because of our recent storms. I’ve had quick and affordable service at Jimmy Izzo’s store and also happy to support a local business. I’m sorry the Nappa owners are in poor health.

  23. Steve Correll

    I lived in the studio apartment directly above Napa glass after graduating college in 1984. This was a cozy space and close to my job at Chez Pierre. The Nappa’s were wonderful people & I loved living downtown Westport…. Today somehow I don’t think it would feel the same. Those were the days.