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Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #14

“06880” readers are impressive! It took only a few minutes last Sunday for Jane Nordli and Randy Hammond to identify the photo challenge: a plaque (and nearby sculpture) honoring Jerry Kaiser, at the end of Riverside Avenue by the train station.

(Bonus: We learned all about Jerry, including his role in inviting Martin Luther King to speak at Temple Israel. We found out that the sculpture in his honor is from the frieze at New  York’s old Penn Station. We even heard from Jerry’s nephew, famed journalist Charles Kaiser. To see all that — and the plaque — click here.)

Moving right along, here is this week’s photo challenge — courtesy, as always, from Lynn U. Miller. It’s a view we’ve all seen — a lot. But where?

If you think you know, click “Comments.” May the best (and fastest) man (or woman) win.


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