Jalna Jaeger’s Happy Easter Egg Tree

Jalna Jaeger always knew about Ostereierbaum — the German tradition of decorating trees and bushes with Easter eggs.

Eight years ago, the 1971 Staples High School graduate decorated a tree on her Norwalk property: 3 East Avenue, not far from Stew Leonard’s.

She had a few hundred eggs. But it’s a large tree, and it needed more.

Jalna googled “egg tree.” She saw a German tree, with real eggs. Lots of them — 10,000, in fact.

Jalna ordered 800 eggs online. It took a long time to string them. But she loved the vibrant, colorful look.

Jalna Jaeger's egg tree, on Thursday.

Jalna Jaeger’s egg tree, on Thursday.

Every year, Jalna adds eggs. This year, there are 100 more.

Her entire family helps. Her husband holds the ladder. She climbs. Now she needs a higher ladder.

East Avenue is a very public street. People often stop and thank Jalna for her tree. They say it cheers them up. The tree has even gotten some fan mail.

Today, hundreds of crocuses are blooming under the tree. It’s a perfect way for everyone — of all faiths, or none – to celebrate Easter, and the arrival of spring.

9 responses to “Jalna Jaeger’s Happy Easter Egg Tree

  1. Cathy Barnett

    Jalna Jaeger lives just around the corner from me in Norwalk, in walking distance. I had no idea she was from Westport! I love her Easter egg tree!

  2. Back in 1971, Andre Jaeger and my dad opened a home made bottle of wine that my grandfather made in 1941. I remember they couldn’t drink it because it went bad.I was friends with Johnny, and I knew Mary Ann too! I know this has nothing to do with the article, but we were good friends with the family for decades! Jack Backiel

  3. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    Great job, Jalna! Thanks for something so special for all to enjoy.

  4. i just drove by this yesterday. love it. thanks for the background.

  5. Robert Mitchell

    I drive by it every day – have loved it for years.

  6. Jason & Elena Gutman

    Looks great, Jalna!

  7. Sheila Smith Drapeau

    Thank you for not only recognizing Jalna’s artistic handiwork, but the beauty in its tradition. I often visit Jalna, as we have been pals since kindergarten, and when those eggs appear on her Japanese Maple tree – which is more than 70 years old – my heart soars, reveling in a new season and a lifelong friendship. It’s a little gem that kindles the spirit of renewal and joy. Thanks for tipping your hat and pen to its presence.
    Sheila Smith Drapeau

  8. Marylisa Sullivan

    I love this tree! It makes me smile every time I drive past! It is a welcome spot of spring after a long cold winter. Thank you for all your hard work in putting up eggs year after year.

  9. Kathleen Burke

    Dear Dan:

    Thanks for recognizing Jalna’s inspired hard work. Her tree is so joyful and free-spirited. Its easy to forget how important it is to put some fun in your everyday. Jalna’s gesture has brought smiles to many, myself included when I happened to drive by. She is carrying on a lovely tradition in a modern way. For many years, Jal also had an incredible garden below the tree that was so amazing, people would stop their cars to take a look.

    Kathleen Burke