Thanks To Daylight Savings Time…

…we have an extra hour to appreciate scenes like this:

Beach scene - Betsy P Kahn

Betsy P. Kahn captured these fantastic colors earlier this afternoon, on Hillspoint Road near “Fiona’s Island.”

Only 10 days to the start of spring…

6 responses to “Thanks To Daylight Savings Time…

  1. Bobbie Herman

    Lovely photo. It was 55 degrees today. The snow is quickly melting, and will probably cause some flooding. But it’s better than snow, I guess.

  2. Sandy Soennichsen

    Don’t mean to be nit picky about this BUT technically and grammatically, it is Daylight Saving Time…….Saving, Saving……not Savings.

  3. David Abrams

    Not to be too picky – but there’s no extra hour. Just moved from the morning to the evening.

    • Bingo! Exactly my reaction. I’ve never really understood why anyone waits till daylight to get out of bed.

  4. Sandy and David, I think you guys have been cooped up inside too long!

    Seriously, both points well taken.

  5. Joyce Barnhart

    The first day of spring and the first spring day are not always the same thing. I think we had our first spring day today.