Talkin’ Trees

As eagle-eyed Westporters spot tiny patches of green* around town, can buds on trees be far beyond?

Probably. But as the temperature climbs near 50 — be still, my heart! — it can’t hurt to talk about trees.

Tree warden Bruce Lindsay recently updated 1st Selectman Jim Marpe and the  Westport Tree Board about “tree-related accomplishments” over the past year.

Among the tree projects last year: the median on Jesup Road.

Among the tree projects last year: the median on Jesup Road.

More than 100 were planted in Westport since last spring. Sites include downtown, Town Hall, the transfer station, Staples High School, Veterans Green, Jesup Road and Longshore.

Many were donated by Planters’ Choice Nursery in Newtown. They’ve provided more for 2015, to be used for Main Street improvements, Parks and Rec plantings, on roadsides, and in Tribute Tree and Arbor Day projects.

Donations of trees, planting services and funds also came from the Westport Woman’s Club, Smith Richardson Foundation, and local residents.

In January, Public Works and the Parks and Rec Department conducted a tree inventory on 200 acres of land at Longshore and Compo Beach. The information — including species, diameter, health, risk factors, maintenance needs and potential threats — will be merged with the town’s Geographical Information System.

Ahead: an inventory of trees on all public properties. That will generate a management plan, to be used for years to come.

New trees will add to the beauty of downtown.

New trees will add to the beauty of downtown.

Westporters love our trees — until they fall on our power lines, grow dangerously old or tall, or otherwise cause concern. Thanks to our tree warden and board, it looks like we’re emerging from a long walk in the woods of neglect.

PS: Interested in volunteering with the Tree Board, or learning more about Westport’s trees? Email, or call 203-341-1134.

*A color often associated with grass. 

5 responses to “Talkin’ Trees

  1. Hallie Stevens

    Dan, Is the Longshore tree survey accessible now, or will we have to wait until the town adds it to its GIS database ? Inquiring neighbors are quite curious.

    • I don’t know. But I will find out!

      • Hallie (and everyone) — here is the answer I received from Bruce Lindsay:

        “The inventory results are still in progress at Davey Resource Group. In the next couple of weeks I am expecting a complete report, management plan, GIS survey, binder with tallies and results and more. They are compiling a bit of info together in concise form. As soon as I have it I will see that it is available and uploaded to public systems.”

  2. Bruce has been working closely with P&Z by reviewing commercial landscaping plans and making planting, soil and placement recommendations . We’ve been able to get out ahead of the redevelopment in the commercial districts, by working with the developers at the design stage. The results of the work being put in now will been seen over the next few years.

    Thirty years ago, the Beautification Committee embarked on an ambitious plan to green the Post Road by planting over 300 trees.. Over time, and thru redevelopment (and Conn Dot) many of these trees have disappeared. It is a goal of the P&Z Landscape subcommittee to re green the Post Road and other commercial districts-but with trees and plantings that are appropriate . To achieve this goal, P&Z is rewriting the landscaping regs. which haven’t been updated in over 20 years. Bruce is working with us, in subcommittee, and we should have the reg changes ready for public hearing in the next few months.

    All I can say is, thank you to Bruce for all that you do for us. Red Buds? Really? Great!!!

    Cathy Walsh
    Planning and Zoning Commission.
    Chair P&Z Landscape Subcommittee

  3. Way to go P&Z and Bruce – now we’re getting somewhere.