Greens Farms Post Office: Back In The Day

Our recent story about the sign on the Greens Farms post office spurred alert “06880” reader Seth Schachter to action. He sent along this photo he found on eBay, from decades ago:

Greens Farms PO - 1950s

Seth says it’s from the 1950s. He’s probably right. The sign above the windows — while similar to the current one — does not include a zip code. They were introduced in 1963.

8 responses to “Greens Farms Post Office: Back In The Day

  1. Jonathan Maddock

    At one time I believe “the dump” (AKA landfill) was located near the Greens Farms P.O. I remember riding in my fathers truck (1960 ±2 years) to go there. As we drove under Route 95 I always begged my father to beep the horn so I could hear the echo.

    Staples ’73

  2. John Hartwell

    It has to pre-date the construction of I-95, as this photo was taken from where the current elevate roadway is situated. Other changes include the installation of the ADA ramp which required moving the outside mailbox.

  3. Bobbie Herman

    The stone wall is also gone, to make room for parking.

  4. Morley Boyd

    I have a question for you Greens Farms people: At what time did the enormous bronze bell from the old Methodist Church wander onto the property? I had something to do with helping it find its way back home a few years ago (I’m told it’s now in a memorial garden next to the new Methodist Church) but I don’t think I ever heard an actual explanation for its cross town migration. Was alcohol involved?

  5. Lucinda Mirk Setnicka

    I grew up in Greens Farms and remember the zip code being 06436; am I crazy? And how do I continue to remember weird pieces of info like that? At any rate, I was a very frequent visitor to this establishment, often walking there from my house on Greens Farms Road. The best story is having the GF Postmaster call my mother the day we were leaving on vacation and saying “Mrs. Mirk? There’s a box here for you that is peeping loudly!” It was our order of baby ducklings for the pond we had out back – good thing the call came before we left on our trip!

  6. Joyce Barnhart

    About 30 years ago, we got a call from the Saugatuck Post Office on Sunday of Memorial Day Week-end. Our box was buzzing. It was the bees my son had ordered from Alabama.

  7. Lois Ann Lovejoy Johnson

    The building in the photograph was built in conjunction with the highway and was I believe built and owned by John Sherwood, my uncle. The former post office building was on the corner of Greens Farms Road and the road that went under the railroad bridge and was manned by a postmistress and her daughter. Her husband was the janitor at the Greens Farms School. Their last names escape me! My bridal luncheon was held in an upstairs room on June 17, 1961 and given in my honor by John Sherwood and his wife, Virginia. .