Bogey’s Is Back!

The good news: Bogey’s — the popular, casual North Main Street restaurant/bar that fell victim to Hurricane Irene’s 2011 floodwaters — is reopening.

The bad news: It’s not in Westport anymore.

The good news: It’s not far away. The new location — where doors open later this week — is 2 Wilton Avenue, Norwalk. That’s a mile south of Stew Leonard’s, straight down the hill.

The owners are the same: Jim and John Stablein.

The ambiance will be just as great too.

Even the logo’s the same:



15 responses to “Bogey’s Is Back!

  1. Bruce Nemirow

    Great news. Best chopped Cobb salad anywhere

  2. Bobbie Herman

    Hooray! Bogey’s had the best ribs in the world! Have they announced a date?

  3. Vivian Rabin

    Great news. Are they taking over the old rib restaurant next to Cablevision? I thought that was Westport Avenue.

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  4. Bob Fatherley

    Hooray…much missed restaurant for all generations just down the street
    from us in Westport. Glad they are back but wish they were in our neighborhood again. Loved by many of our friends after the theater,
    our families with children and just the rest of us who wanted a great casual
    and not too expensive place to hangout with friends and guests.

    Good luck to the new Bogies….Julie Fatherley

  5. Jo Dickison

    I just noticed the new sign this afternoon. An earlier restaurant there was Ash Creek Saloon I think.

  6. Lynn Jeffery

    And Hubby heard it first!! Usually Dan scoops everyone.., Running to class. I had to stop the 5 hour laptop repairs to go to class, but you can use my laptop now, it’s safe, they didn’t get to the printer and other devices until I get home tonight and reconnect with them. Xxx W

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  7. The restaurant will be opening thursday, according to the rumors I’ve heard they are going to keep a similar menu except add smaller(sharable) plates while combining a Mexican twist to their American pub food. Can’t wait to try the food!

  8. Tracy Flood

    Great steak sandwich and tuna melt and Cobb salad and on and on!

  9. Robert Mitchell

    Peripatetic little place. Bogey’s used to be in New Canaan, too, back in the day.

  10. Congrats Jim and John! Looking forward to stopping in for lunch very soon!

  11. Yee-Hah!….Best Restaurant news I’ve heard in a year! I’ll be there ! Great menu and I hear the inside is gorgeous!

  12. Sandra L Jester

    Anyone have the new phone number?