Good Service!

It’s easy to mock Metro-North for those “good service” messages — when, clearly, it’s not, even if the entire East Coast is reeling from one meteorological catastrophe or another.

Today was different.

Alert “06880” reader John Hartwell reports:

It’s just after 10 a.m. I’m taking the train to New Haven to avoid I-95. The platforms are clean and snow-free, and the trains are running on time. We all like to complain about Metro-North, but I’m glad it wasn’t my job to be up early this morning  shoveling snow!

(Photo/John Hartwell)

(Photo/John Hartwell)


One response to “Good Service!

  1. Robert Mitchell

    My question is, “Why does the Saugatuck sign only say “Good service”? I took the train to Larchmont many months ago, and the signs there announce the time of incoming trains, just like modern stations all over the country, including the NYC subway. Are we too far out in the boonies to warrant informative signs?