Superfans Seek Support

Here at “06880,” there are 2 things I avoid like the plague:

  • Clichés
  • Requests to publicize a “vote for ….” contest.

But it’s my blog, and rules are made to be broken. So here’s a blatant plug for WWPT, and Staples’ Superfans.

For the 4th year in a row, the Ruden Report — Fairfield County’s go-to site for high school sports — is sponsoring a contest to find the “best fans.” Students could submit videos showing off their spirit. There are 2 components: a public vote, and a selection by the Ruden Report’s sponsors. The winner gets $500, for its athletic department.

WWPT-FM — which, with its affiliated TV station, broadcasts many Wrecker sports contests — created a video highlighting the school’s Superfans.

Here’s a link to the video:

Click here to vote.

It sounds like a cliché. But may the best team win.




6 responses to “Superfans Seek Support

  1. Jo Shields Dickison

    It is a cliché, Dan, but it hits the nail on the head for someone who must surely be a Superfan.

  2. katherine hooper

    I <3 STAPLES!

  3. Dan: I, too, try to avoid using cliches, “like the plague”…!
    Still, a “dyed in the wool” 06880 Superfan!

  4. I don’t know who has the best fans. But I do know this: Staples has the best team name in Fairfield County and one of the best and most distinctive team names in all of sports (at any level). Go Wreckers!


  6. Get out the Vote- Aren’t we all SUPERfans of SHS!!! Go Wreckers!!