Baby, It’s Cold Outside …

… but Betsy P. Kahn’s Old Mill sunrise photo will warm any Westporter’s heart.

Betsy Kahn - sunrise at Old Mill

8 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside …

  1. Amy Saperstein

    Discussion of a Westport photo book has come up several times on 06880. These recent photos are amazing and make the case for this book even stronger! I’d be happy to help with this project 😊

  2. I got the life, Baby!!!

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  3. Another melancholy beauty!

  4. Joyce Barnhart

    At this time of the year, with this weather, this is the best way to see a sunrise. Beautiful photo. Thank you, Betsy and Dan.


    Thank you Betsy & Dan for sharing this lovely photo.
    We are all so blessed to live here

  6. Oh I miss living on the shore…what a great shot!! I think a photo book is an excellent idea too!

  7. Great picture!