Red Sky At Morning…

Jimmy Izzo was up early today. He snapped this gorgeous shot at Compo Beach — gorgeous, that is, until you remember the old sailors’ saying.

Red sky - Jimmy Izzo

As Westport prepares for its 1st Snowmageddon of 2015, you should do 2 things:

  1. Go to Stop & Shop, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market or Stew’s, to clean out the shelves in anticipation of several weeks of famine
  2. Head to Crossroads Hardware to stock up on shovels, snow blowers, roof rakes, flashlights, batteries, road salt, ice melt, and everything else you’ll need. Tell Jimmy “06880” sent you.

12 responses to “Red Sky At Morning…

  1. Great photo!

  2. Dan, nice of you to give Jimmy the benefit of the doubt but my money is on he was on his way home. 🙂

  3. Maxine Bleiweis

    THREE things. Head over to the Westport Library to stock up on books and dvds (the latter especially in case you lose power and are running your computer on battery). Open til 5 pm today.

  4. Not only is Jimmy Izzo a wonderfully talented photographer, an amazing and thoughtful member of the RTM, but an amazing proprietor of the greatest hardware store on the planet…who truly epitomize the word local neighborhood mom and pop shop …always going above and beyond! AJ,Janet,Joe and Mike are always there with a big hello and a solution for most every household issue! Yeah, I know…this was about the photo…amazing photo Jim!

  5. Anne-Marie Grey


  6. Sharon Paulsen

    Who knew that one of the most awesome local business owners in Westport also has a keen eye for photographic opportunities! This reminds me of Betsy Kahn’s (correct spelling?) amazing beach images.

    Thanks for sharing Dan! Totally cute article.

    I miss Westport – sniff.

  7. Yes, a beautiful and haunting (…sailors take warning) photo.
    Hope you’re prepared. West coast just had yet another monsoon-like storm.
    Time to check one’s roof tops.

  8. So, that’s why Trader Joe’s was mobbed today! I’ve never seen it like that.

  9. I love the magical blue snow! What a delightful reward for rising so early.
    thank you for sharing