Oh My 06880 – Photo Challenge #4

Last week’s shot — oars on a brick building — confused some “06880” readers. The beach? Saugatuck Rowing Club?


A good number knew you could see the oars near Arezzo restaurant — if you’re on the Post Road bridge, headed toward Norwalk.

This week’s photo by Lynn U. Miller is a tough one. So here’s a hint: It’s outdoors.

Oh my 06880 - January 25 2015

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Or even if you don’t.

17 responses to “Oh My 06880 – Photo Challenge #4

  1. The intersection of Soundview, Hiilspoint, and South Compo, northeast side.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Wall along South Compo, near Longshore, on way to the beach?

  3. Saugatuck Ave, west side of the street, not far from Exit 17 westbound on ramp?

  4. Either that or the abandoned subway platform beneath Main St.

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    That’s some serious font.

  6. Robert Mitchell

    The riverbank along the library parking lot at Jesup Green

  7. But what does it mean?

  8. That’s a good one! Looks like it could be graffiti on the retaining wall of the Saugatuck river near the library?

  9. Since it is only visible at low tide it was most likely written by someone who either can walk on mud, has a hover craft or can write right side up while hanging upside down – that should narrow the list of suspects down for the police.

  10. Mary Ellen Rose

    Nice one, Amee! Was that one on the summer reading scavenger hunts, too? 😉