Downtown’ s Hidden Oasis

Downtown Westport will be a shopping zoo this weekend.

But there’s serenity there too — like the spot Betsy P. Kahn captured earlier this week:

Downtown view 2 - Betsy P Kahn

As the holidays approach, it’s easy to get stressed.

Amid all the craziness, take a deep breath.

Find a spot like the one above.

Appreciate all the beauty and joy that surrounds us, every day.

Then — refreshed — head back into the fray.

12 responses to “Downtown’ s Hidden Oasis

  1. That spot may look very serene but it sure doesn’t look safe. Old boards across the walk and with dips and curves in it no less. God luck with it, but be careful.

  2. That whole area between the parking lot and the river is very special to me. I often take moments to sit by the water and reflect. Beautiful shot, Betsy!

  3. Beautiful picture Betsy,

  4. The library walk is one of my favorite places in Westport. I was just recently back and took a look around the town after not seeing being back for seven years and was so overwhelmed with the changes. I ended up driving and getting a pizza from Jordans on Norwalk Avenue and walked down the library river walk towards where the stage used to be and ate my pizza while overlooking the river. Really took me back. Westport is so different but thankfully some things haven’t changed

  5. Judy Michaelis

    Beautiful photo!!

  6. My favorite place is Old Mill. Either bridge.

  7. How I wish Betsy would compile her photos of Westport into a book to purchase. Maybe Fred could as well, or a collaboration?

    • Nancy, thanks for your praise and suggestion. Two things related to this:

      First, I suggested a while back to the Westport Historical Society that they do a b & w photo history book in the Arcadia Images of America series–a book on the postwar years in Westport, which would be similar to the one I co-authored on Fresh Meadows, Queens (and which we have donated 100% of our authors’ royalties to the local FM library branch). I offered to license my photos at no cost to the Historical Society for this; plus, I’m sure there are many other Westporters, past and present, who would have photos they would be happy to contribute (as did a number of current and former FM residents for the Fresh Meadows book).

      My decline in health would prevent me from doing such a book, but I’m sure there is someone else who would be willing to take this on for a charitable cause such as the Historical Society and/or Westport library–and the Historical Society is still thinking about it (since they apparently have a couple of other book projects in the pipeline).

      Second, the manager of the Historical Society’s gift shop made a suggestion basically the same as yours: that I do a color photo book of my pics both past and present through Blurb or some other self-publishing outlet. Again, my health has limited me from considering that but, if there’s someone out there willing to undertake this for a local charitable cause, I’m happy to license my photos at no cost for such an endeavor.

    • Thank you very much! Westport is a beautiful town with lots of little hidden treasures…interesting nooks and crannies I like to explore and photograph. This time of year the light in the afternoons, esp. on the water is magnificent…and, oh yes! The old Mill bridge is a must see, I agree!

      I’m hoping to get things together for a show in 2015! That’s my big dream~~~

      Happy Holidays!
      Betsy p Kahn

  8. David Schaffer

    Well maybe nix the “head back into the fray” part.