Matt Debenham’s Clean Treats

Eli Debenham is a Staples High School sophomore. His dad, Matt — a fiction writer and teacher — recently branched out into the brownie-baking-and-selling business.

Not just any brownies.

Paleo brownies.

Matt Debenham

Matt Debenham

He got into it via his wife’s thyroid specialist. It took 5 months to come up with a recipe that didn’t taste like a caveman who’s been dead for 35,000 years.

Baking — and selling — brownies (paleo or obesity-o) online is not easy. Matt learned about commercial kitchens (he uses one in Saugatuck, at night). He learned about bar codes, labels, shipping, and thousands of other quasi-related-to-baking things.

But Clean Treats is up and running. So is the Clean Plate Club, a food blog for paleo eaters. (Gluten-free ones too.) It features recipes, links to kitchen equipment, and posts about visits to free-range, chemical-free farms.

Matt’s is an interesting story, about something that (of course) morphed from a sideline hobby into a full-fledged, taking-over-his-life business.

Yet many other Westporters have similar tales. Why is this one “06880-worthy”?

A Clean Treat brownie.

A Clean Treat brownie.

Well, it involves food, which everyone loves. Desserts, especially.

Matt’s doing all the right things, marketing-wise.

And Eli asked me to write about it. It’s his Christmas gift, from a son to his dad.

Merry Christmas, Matt! I’m sure Santa will love those Clean Treat brownies you leave out for him on Christmas Eve.


10 responses to “Matt Debenham’s Clean Treats

  1. Jo Ann Davidson

    What is a paleo brownie?

    • Jo Ann,

      A paleo brownie is exactly what Patricia said: a grain-free brownie made without refined sugars (I use honey in mine), and with a small number of healthy ingredients. (e.g., coconut oil, avocado oil, organic cacao, organic almond flour, etc.) These are also suitable for gluten-free eaters — or anyone who likes treats! The original version are 177 calories each, and the Light version are just 130 calories, which make them truly a guilt-free treat! For more info, you can visit!

      Matt Debenham, Clean Treats™

  2. Patricia Ireland

    A paleo brownie would be a grain-free food, typically made with a nut flour, though not peanut as legumes aren’t part of a paleo diet. Nor is dairy. Yet eggs and high quality oils are in the paleo diet. And yummy Cocoa. I have heard these brownies are delicious – made and shipped to anywhere the same day they are baked. I plan to put in an order for these. Sure wish he could get the Trader Joe account – was there last evening with a sweet tooth but absolutely zip there for either gluten-free and/or paleo. Nada.

    It’s a pity The Grilled Cheese Eatery closed. They made delicious sandwiches with the option of gluten free bread. But a terrible location and I don’t think Westporters gave them the chance. Good service, too, just not the typical fawning Westporters are used to.

    All the best with your business, Matt!

    (Westporter since 1992)

    • Patricia – you’re exactly right. Trader Joe’s is so progressive on so many other fronts that it’s always surprising to see their baked-goods section hasn’t really changed in 10 years. They do offer a fair number of GF frozen meals, but could definitely use some help in the treats department…

  3. What a wonderful surprise! P.S. For anyone living in Fairfield County, you do NOT have to have these shipped to you. I will bring them to you myself. Just enter code FCT at checkout to remove the shipping charges from your cart. Thanks!

    Matt Debenham, Clean Treats™

  4. Yum, yum. Can’t wait to try. 🙂

  5. I tasted one of Matt’s brownies and they are fantastic. I’m hoping Freshii (next to Starbucks downtown) will start carrying them so I can walk over during my breaks to buy them. 🙂

  6. Armelle Daniels

    That is GREAT news! Us Paleo foodies have little choice but to cook for ourselves, so getting treats from someone else, and Paleo to top it is a MAJOR treat! Will for sure order, thanks Dan for posting!

    • Armelle,

      We’d really exhausted our own options at my house when we just sat down and said: What do we want, and how would we make that? I’m really happy with the brownies, and they’re still a go-to treat in the house, even on nights when I’ve just come home from making them! If you do order, don’t forget to use the FCT code at checkout so you don’t get charged shipping!

      Matt Debenham