Stop & Shop’s 100 Years = STG’s $1,000

To celebrate their 100th year in business, Stop & Shop asked their 200 store managers to solicit ideas for local worthy organizations.

Managers got feedback from employees. Each store then selected 1 charity or group.

Of the 200 suggestions, 100 were selected. Westport’s Stop & Shop made the cut — and Staples Tuition Grants is now $1,000 richer.

Stop and ShopPat Mooney — pictured at right with store manager David Faccin and STG president Rob Morrison — is a 23-year Westport resident. A single mother, she works hard to stay in Westport to send her 2 daughters through local schools.

She knew that without lots of help, college was out of reach.

Thanks to 4 years of aid from STG, Caitlin graduated from Wheelock College. She’s now teaching elementary school in Boston.

Her sister Brittainie graduated from Staples in 2011. She too received Tuition Grants help, and she too is interested in the field of education.

Pat — who says that her daughters would never be where they are now without STG — submitted the organization’s name to Stop & Shop.

Thanks, Pat. And happy 100th anniversary, Stop & Shop!

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One response to “Stop & Shop’s 100 Years = STG’s $1,000

  1. Dan,
    Thank you very much for sharing the good news about Stop & Shop’s recent donation to Staples Tuition Grants (STG) on the occasion of the store’s 100th anniversary. For more than 70 years STG has been quietly at work raising funds to help Staples High School grads who need financial assistance in order to continue their education at institutions of higher earning. Pat Mooney’s daughters are lovely examples of the many fine students who have been helped by STG, an all-volunteer organization whose work each year is supported by the generosity of our community.
    We hope your story will inspire your readers to consider donating to STG so that we may continue to support a growing number of students with financial need.
    Maggie Mudd
    Staples Tuition Grants