A Good Walk Spoiled

This morning, “06880” posted Betsy P. Kahn’s photo of a gorgeous Old Mill sunrise.

This afternoon, Bart Shuldman went for a walk nearby.

Here’s what he saw:

dog droppings

Yeah, it’s nice that people carry plastic bags so they can pick up after their dogs.

But you can’t just leave it there for someone else to dispose of.

That’s just bulls***.


9 responses to “A Good Walk Spoiled

  1. Cheryl McKenna

    I have a big yellow Lab and I walk this route on the beach often. Sometimes I leave the bag of poo to pick up on the way back as there are no containers until you get to Alvira’s and her sign says no dog waste in garbage cans…
    Sooooo I think someone was doing the same and hopefully will pick up on the return trip:-)
    At the dog park (Winslow) is another story … People throw the bags in the woods so now that the leaves and brush are gone the bags lay bare for all to see 🙁

  2. So, do you just walk by? Or, do you clean up after spoiled people?

  3. I hope person who left blue bag on rock will repent and get a life.

  4. I hope the person who spotted the blue bag has removed it.

  5. Michelle Benner


  6. I ((think??) ALL of the beach garbage cans are removed in the Fall…. And, it does make poop cleanup a bit challenging for dog walkers but– that’s part of the deal… Maybe they could remain out a little longer?

    Betsy p kahn

  7. Dogs, themselves, are cleaner, more discreet creatures than these Westporters; they, at least, try to bury their waste…

  8. Just another entitled ….well….you know where I am going with this!

  9. janet coughenour

    It may have been forgotten by the walker…..I don’t think so but let’s hope they will return and get it to the waste can. I would have taken it away so no-one else had to see the disrespectfulness it suggests. I wish people would return to the thought they are not the only people on this planet. Self self self…..