Thankful For…

The snowstorm predicted for Thanksgiving fizzled out. The days since Wednesday have been gorgeous.

Betsy P. Kahn captured this morning’s sunrise at Old Mill Beach. What a wonderful way to keep this holiday weekend going so well.

Old Mill sunrise - Betsy P Kahn

13 responses to “Thankful For…

  1. Picture perfect…a perfect picture.

  2. Sensational!

  3. Chair or not, gorgeous shot.

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  4. Fascinating composition. Very nice!

  5. Golden!!

  6. I love Betsy’s photos – -and I love the benches too – classic Westport. Those simple wooden benches have been around the beaches since I was a kid in the ’60’s.

  7. wish I was there

  8. Love love love this photo. Is it possible to buy or reprint it for my personal use? Please let me know how…thanks!

  9. Contrived or real?

  10. I learned to swim at Old Mill Beach! We dove in the back as you walk to the houses near there! Anyone remember?