Scores Of Santas Stumble Through Saugatuck

Saugatuck, Santa Claus and alcohol. It doesn’t get better than that.

The trifecta is our 2nd annual “Santa Cause.” The creation of Westporters Kelley and Drew Schutte, it’s an absurdly fun (and adult) afternoon. And it’s a fundraiser for a wonderful beneficiary: Adam’s Camp New England, which helps special needs children realize their full potential.

Did I mention there are drinks?

Drew and Kelley Schutte — aka Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Here’s the deal. This Saturday (November 29), attendees must dress up in Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits. (Full costumes, please!)

Everyone gathers at the Whelk, at 3 p.m. sharp. Every 45 minutes they drink/crawl their way from one fine Saugatuck establishment to the next. (Saugatuck Sweets provides free coffee, because man does not live by bread beer alone.)

At the last stop — the Rowing Club — awards will be presented (don’t ask). Then come (surprise!) drinks, bites, and dancing your bells off to Fry Daddy’s.

Here’s the holiday catch: The cost is a minimum of $125 per person Santa.

Of course — this being the holiday, and there’s alcohol involved — you can give more. $2,700 covers a full camp experience for one child.

Christmas drinkThis being litigious Westport, there are guidelines. Each party’s drop-off and pick-up rides must be arranged in advance (unless there’s a designated sleigh or car driver).

Cash is requested for drinks and tips. No credit cards — bartenders have enough trouble without trying to figure out which Santa bought which Christmas ale.

Ho ho ho!

(Pre-registration is requested; send a check made out to “Adam’s Camp,” with a list of the number attending and your email address, to the Schuttes, 12 Sunnyside La., Westport, CT 06880. Include the name of all your Santas, and your email address. For more info, call 917-297-1324.)

5 responses to “Scores Of Santas Stumble Through Saugatuck

  1. I find this sort of holiday celebrating very offensive. Getting deliberately drunk in a Santa Claus suit is definitely in opposition to the innocent spirit of Christmas. I hope no children see these fake Santas in action.

    • To be fair, Lynda, Santa Claus was not exactly part of the original Christmas.

      • Funny response, Dan. (I got in trouble for laughing in the Quiet Car). I agree with Lynda’s basic point, however, which is that public intoxication is not great for anyone. And I am glad that I won’t have to explain it to a kid.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Sounds like a rock’in good time!

    Me thinks investing in a bag of straws might be in order – help those bearded gentle-Santa-men get the booze through that white mess of furry faces!

  3. I somehow doubt that this event will turn into a drunken SantaCon. Sounds like people are also being responsible with designated drivers and pickups! Enjoy, drink, eat, drink some more, eat and be “responsibly merry!” After all it seems like it is for a good cause!