More Changes On Elm Street

While Westporters were admiring the Kemper-Gunn House’s new location in the Baldwin parking lot — where all sides of the structure are visible, after years in the Y’s shadow — a different “renovation” took place across the street.

Here’s a shot of the walkway, and the side of the building between Elm Street and Main Street.

Elm Street walkway

It must have taken the graffiti “artists” a while do that — in a very visible spot.


9 responses to “More Changes On Elm Street

  1. Robert Mitchell

    Not only is it destructive, it’s not even any good. Where are the real taggers of the 70’s? Catch these kids (?) and make them clean it off with toothbrushes.

  2. The first toothbrush should go to Levi.

  3. Love the menorah on the far left.

  4. Alan M. Beasley

    It isn’t even art. Stone the perps!
    Better yet, remove their trigger fingers and sentence them of remove all of this, AND repaint the walls.

    Graffiti wasn’t funny when it arrived in Philadelphia, about 50 plus years ago, and worked its way North.

  5. If it was a stone wall, you might be able to scratch through to find an earlier graffitist. Imagine.