Frontier Justice

Late last month, Frontier took over AT&T’s Connecticut telephone service.

As “06880” reported, the move did not go smoothly.

On Wednesday, Frontier emailed its TV customers. Every one in the state will receive a $50 billing credit.

Frontier Communications“We understand that our customers are the reason we exist and we are working very hard to earn your trust and confidence,” the message said.

“We are committed to making sure that every resident and business in Connecticut knows that Frontier is a company that stands behind its services, products and people.”

“06880” won’t take credit for being the only media outlet to publicize the changeover snafu.

But we won’t deny it, either.

6 responses to “Frontier Justice

  1. Janice Beecher

    If it’s anything like what happened in E. WA State when Frontier took over from Verizon, it could be a nightmare! It’s been more than five years and they’re still having problems with service, landlines going down (unheard of from what I remember) and getting any answers from the company. I think that Verizon is dumping areas that are not profitable, but that’s just me.

  2. After two hours on the phone with Frontier customer no service we are switching back to Cablevision today.

    • Nick Thiemann

      My cablevision line was unable to receive calls for three weeks. After denail of responsibility for about tewo of those weeks, they finally fixed it and gave me a $20 credit. Let’s get back to tin cans and string.

  3. Well done Dan, I’ll give you credit for toasting Frontier’s backside a wee bit…now, any chance you can do anything about their rotting hovel of a office on Myrtle Avenue?

  4. We’ll have to start calling you “Scoop Woog”.

  5. Bruce Nemirow

    Frontier is also having terrible problems with their TV service. On demand rarely works,, shows are not recording as scheduled and it is impossible to get through to customer service. I even tried to pay my bill on the phone when I finally got through to an agent —she couldn’t take payment. I still have not received a single piece of mail from them, a full month after the takeover.