The Last Splash?

Earlier this month, “06880” reported that Positano’s — the restaurant at Old Mill — will be sold to a Greenwich developer. It will probably be torn down, and be rebuilt as a private home.

But word on the street — and the beach — is that’s it’s not the only waterfront restaurant in Westport set to close.

Splash’s demise has been rumored for several weeks.

Last night, an “06880” reader dined at the Longshore spot. Here’s her report:

Last night we had a very unfortunate evening at Splash. I think we may be seeing the beginning of the end for this beautiful Westport spot. Service was slow, but this was exceptional. One family stood up to leave because their meal hadn’t come. We were told that the majority of the staff walked out and they haven’t been paid for weeks.

Can you find out what’s going on? Imagine if we lose Splash?

“06880” will keep on this story. In the meantime: If you hear something, say something.

Will Splash live to see another Christmas?

Will Splash live to see another Christmas?





18 responses to “The Last Splash?

  1. Splash owners are the De Caro Restaurant group who recently closed Baang Restaurant in Greenwich. After the summer these beach area restaurants suffer from slow traffic counts while restaurants along the Post rd and the river have really thrived like Arezzo.

  2. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I have heard that the service there has really gone downhill lately. We tried to get in a few weeks ago on a Thursday and we were told we could not get in without a reservation, for lunch! It will be interesting to see what happens to this restaurant. It has the best coastal dining in Westport!

  3. A family friend worked there this summer… He has not been paid…. Tip money he earned has not been paid…. My understanding they owe tens of thousands of dollars… They have been reported to the labor board… They also closed there sister restaurant BAANG in Greenwich. They will be gone sooner than later …. The DeCaro family has made a huge mint off there restaurants…. They should know better as people who have been in the industry for a very long time… All things come to an end… You can be classy or you can be a heel

  4. Isabelle Breen

    Hmmm… beautiful coastal community without a single restaurant on the water (does Joey’s count)? What a concept!
    Is there any other CT coastal town that has this blindspot? Inquiring minds want to know?

  5. $$ still plagues our trade. We are forced to compete with our prices from 10 years ago. We really can’t. Real….

  6. Gone! Marty

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  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Didn’t Splash open up around 1999 or thereabouts? If so, then I suppose that’s not a bad stretch. But it does appear that Westport can’t seem to sustain waterfront eateries through many generations, and that’s a shame. But, yes, it’s a seasonal biz to a certain extent, plus the few gem spots for these restaurants are off the beaten path, so …. there it is.
    Wouldn’t it be cool to have an Allen’s type of place, located, say, right at Compo, perhaps at the edge of/overlooking the Marina? A good solid clam house with some local flair?
    Ah well, I can just imagine how difficult THAT location would be to permit and pull off, but just a cool idea IMHO. I’m sure the 10 or so residents that live across from the basin would have objections, no doubt.
    Oh well!

  8. Come out to eastern Ct – new restaurant built on water in Mystic this year(ground up) plus at least 8 existing water view – probably won’t want to commute daily but for a couple days a week works well via Shoreline

  9. But where will i get that amazing calamari salad? Both Baang and Splash were the only places that mastered that salad and its dressing! I am missing it already.

  10. The service and food at Splash have not been great for a while. The lure of the location far outshined the upkeep of the facilities. We scouted it out for a wedding last fall and found it kind of shabby. What a shame! We ended up at the Delamar in Southport – the location was not up to Splash, but what a beautiful restaurant with really good food, drinks and service. Whoever takes over the Splash location – hopefully a restaurant – really needs to “keep up appearances” along with the food. It is also one of Westport’s gems and deserves better from its owners; in turn it will do much better for them.

  11. I found myself echoing Isabelle Breen’s question this am? :/ A place as wonderful and gorgeous as Westport should have several eateries thriving at the beach? What gives? I would go year round for waterfront dining and do where we live. Lots of lake/riverfront dining thriving year round in the warmth and in the snow.

  12. Audrey Hertzel

    I’m not surprised. I was there in July with a friend and the Matre De couldn’t have been more rude! In addition, the service lacked and the waiter had no clue when asked about certain entrees. Did I mention how extremely rude the Matre De was? Good riddens.

  13. The service at Splash has ALWAYS been poor. The food however has always been good (the calamari salad mentioned above is one good example). It was to the point where my wife and I have always had to choose one over the other if deciding to eat at Splash. For years.

  14. Fairfield seems to be in the same boat. Ton of good restaurants downtown and in surrounding parts but nothing on the water.

  15. armelle daniels

    So sad. Loved Splash, even though quality of both service and food had gone downhill lately. Hopefull someone will step in and start something new and great in this splendid location? Fingers crossed…