Staples Players Earn Broadway.Com Buzz

With school back in session, has scoured YouTube for its Top 5 high school musical performances.

Among the “A+” shows is Staples Players’ 2011 production of “West Side Story.”

The website says:

In a high school musical, finding a bunch of guys willing to even try on a pair of jazz shoes is a rarity. But bafflingly, Staples High School in Westport, CT has assembled a whole team of hoofing high school dudes who pirouette and leap around the stage with ease. Wow, check out those Shark high-kicks!

Very cool — except for the “bafflingly” part.

At Staples, “hoofing high school dudes” are everywhere.


4 responses to “Staples Players Earn Broadway.Com Buzz

  1. Yes, the “bafflingly” is baffling … possibly reflects narrow scope of website post’s experience? Minimalist set looks awesome: sorry I missed the production!

  2. Staples’ “Cabaret” this year was worthy of Alan Cummings driving down to Westport to have a look!

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    West Side Story is no easy feat to pull off. The choreography, the vocal requirements … and the music itself … all highly demanding. Wish I could have seen the latest production in action.
    One thing I’ve noticed often regarding the accolades of the Staples Players productions is this: no mention of the pit orchestras! I played clarinet in several Staples musicals, and I know what a tough gig that can be. West Side has got to be one of the most challenging scores to work with, and seems that without a talented group of well chosen musicians, a show could easily be a bust. Thinking some of the limelight needs to be shown downwards a tad, just below that stages edge. (Unless the show was performed to a soundtrack instead – I believe the latest West Side performed on Broadway, maybe 4 years ago, was withOUT a live pit, which is a travesty to me, because this music is simply phenomenal – Bernstein genius).
    Anyway, just say’in.

  4. hi sharon – the latest WSS on broadway (which i did the ad campaign for) was indeed with a live orch… full and gorgeous. best, Tg