Feral Cats: The Sequel

The infestation of feral cats in the Compo Beach neighborhood may be over.

According to Foti Koskinas — Westport Police Department deputy chief who, as one of his duties, oversees animal control — told “06880” today that he and several others are helping the homeowner who, to the dismay of neighbors, has provided food and shelter for up to 30 feral cats.

The owner is “working hard to do the right thing,” Koskinas reports.

Four cats have already been removed, and will be spayed. Then they’ll be relocated, away from the neighborhood.

When feral cats multiply, it's no day at the beach.

When feral cats multiply, it’s no day at the beach.

The owner is also collaborating with PAWS. That organization will trap 5 more cats, spay them, and relocate them to farms and barns.

The woman has agreed to feed only her personal cats — not strays — and to do so inside her home, not outside. She will also give up 1 rescue cat for adoption.

“We’re committing to helping her in any way we can,” Koskinas says. “The neighbors are helping too.”

Several neighbors contacted “06880” to offer praise for Koskinas, PAWS and the homeowner.

Sounds like a problem that — in more than one way — is almost “fixed.”

6 responses to “Feral Cats: The Sequel

  1. This lady obviously has a big heart.
    She should be commended for all the
    care she has taken of these animals.
    And kudos to the neighbors and organizations who have and continue to help with this problem. If evero e treated all animals with this empathy and kindness, we would undoubtedly all be better off.

  2. Claudia Schattman

    Our skinny black male cat with buck teeth has wandered away for a second time. Has anyone seen him in the vicinity? He’s very personable.. Thanks.

  3. Ann Marie Flynn

    It wonderful to read the humane treatment that these cats are getting…..kudos to all. To often many decide to ‘erase’ them rather than have a caring heart.

  4. PAWS could quite probably use some donations. Does anyone have an address?