What Do Baseball, The Internet, Grandkids And Oscar’s Have In Common?

That kid-gives-a-foul-ball-to-the-girl-behind-him story has legs.

Alert “06880” reader Tom Orofino follows up with this PS:

His son and son’s wife were in California showing off their new 9-week-old baby Colin to the wife’s family. While there, they took the infant to Dodger Stadium.

Colin had a cute little shirt on, with a sign saying it was his 1st baseball game.

A Dodgers’ PR guy took a picture, and posted it to their Twitter feed. It’s gotten over 53,000 likes.

Tom Orofino grandkid

Yesterday, Tom was in Oscar’s. He proudly showed Colin’s photo to owner Lee Papageorge.

Lee promptly introduced Tom to another set of grandparents: those of the kid who caught the ball at the Red Sox game last week, and gained his own viral following.

What are the odds that 2 grandchildren of Westporters would earn internet fame in the same week — and that both sets of grandparents would be at Oscar’s at the same time?

One more Westporter — Rod Serling — would be proud.

6 responses to “What Do Baseball, The Internet, Grandkids And Oscar’s Have In Common?

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  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Holy Cow! Talk about synchronicity, including the fact that both these viral stories manifested, via circumstance, into this blog! Dan, ancient Chinese secret??

  3. And … that the internet fame came from a baseball game !!

  4. Peter Jennings Talbot

    It’s a small world!

  5. Ann Marie Flynn

    Wow! Wonder what kind of odds a bookie would give on that??

  6. Cindy Adams, the New York Post columnist, has that renowned tagline: “Only in New York.” I think this amazing story qualifies as “Only in 06880” or perhaps, more accurately, “Only on 06880.”