Library Honors Robin Williams

Robin Williams’ death saddened countless fans around the world.

The Westport Library is honoring the brilliant actor/comedian by screening some of his best films.

This Friday (August 15, 1 p.m.) they’ll show “Good Morning, Vietnam.”

Saturday (August 16) offers a double feature: “Dead Poets Society” (11 a.m.) and “Good Will Hunting” (2 p.m.).

On Sunday (August 17, 2 p.m.), it’s “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

Of course, the library has plenty of other Robin Williams videos in its collection.

Though I’m betting they’ve all been checked out this week.

Robin Williams in "Good Will Hunting" -- one of his best roles ever.

Robin Williams in “Good Will Hunting” — one of his best roles ever.

2 responses to “Library Honors Robin Williams

  1. Sherri Wolfgang-Peyser

    Robin Williams was Bipolar. Ironically his mentor Johnathan Winters was too.
    Mental illness effects over 20 million Americans. Of that number 3 to 4 million suffer with Bipolar disorder. The mania produces art, writing, performance and brilliance. Their depression is unspeakable in terms of pain. There are no words for the black hole that they travel to.

    I only wish that Robin William’s family had hospitalized him for the severe depression, and protected him against himself.

    Mental illness effects 1 in 4 families and should be talked about without shame or judgement. The stigma is what prevents people from getting the proper help.

    The government and society is finally paying attention to mental health. Finally the mental health parody law which was iniated by Ted Kennedy has made health insurance more accessible for longer stays in mental health facilities and coverage for talk therapy. Medication has also been made more affordable.

    The government is pouring more money into the field of neuroscience. The study of the brain will effect everyone. Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and depression…

    Robin Williams was only 63 and suffered unspeakable pain. Yes it was a mental illness but it was a physical balance in the brain.

    Another brilliant artist, man, father, husband and a beautiful soul lost to this insideous illness.

  2. Oh Captain, My Captain