Kemper Gunn: 3-0 And Done

This morning, the board of selectmen approved a lease for the Kemper Gunn house. The vote was unanimous: 3-0.

Soon it will move across Elm Street, to the Baldwin parking lot. The Y will already have left, and the renovation/reconstruction/renaissance of Church Lane will begin.

Bedford Square will become a reality. Kemper Gunn will be leased to non-chain outlets.

Downtown will never look or be the same.

In a very good way.

An artist's rendering of the Kemper-Gunn House, after it is moved to the Baldwin parking lot.

An artist’s rendering of the Kemper-Gunn House, after it  is moved to the Baldwin parking lot.


5 responses to “Kemper Gunn: 3-0 And Done

  1. Yeah! Great news! We encouraged the Good First Selectmen of Westport to please, push it through, seal the deal and join us at the moving party! Awesome work.

  2. Matthew Mandell

    This was the last of 13 different public hearings and over 20 public meetings with 6 different boards and commissions approving it. Overall it was 12-1, with 12 straight wins to close it out. Starting that run was the amazing 34-0 RTM approval.

    This was an improbable and incredible trip this house and those of us who advocated for its survival took to get here.

    Jim Marpe, Avi Kaner and Helen Garten should be commended on making and saving history today. Thanks.

    Morley Boyd, Don Bergmann and Dewey Loselle were all there from the beginning working tirelessly to ensure this day.

    And of course David Waldman who yelled to me out his office window almost two years ago, “Matt I have the way to save the house.” We then worked together to make this happen. Congrats to him for sticking with this, even when times looked tough.

    100 years from now when the house is still there, people will say, those folks back then sure did a great thing, look at this, its almost 250 years old and its still here.

  3. Never thought I’d be able to write these words: Way to go everyone.

  4. There have been lots of thanks to the people involved in the Kemper Gunn project, all well deserved. I would also like to add to the positive comments about Third Selectwoman Helen Garten how terrific it is that she has been such an active and hardworking Third Selectwoman. Helen of course lost the election to First Selectman Marpe, but she has engaged actively since the election in a manner that is laudatory and truly reflects her commitment to Westport and to work with her opponent in the election in so many positive ways.
    That is a model for all of us.
    Don Bergmann

  5. So how much are Westport taxpayers subsidizing a land developer? And in return for?