Show Your Love For Love & Co.

Stores close in Westport all the time. It’s sad, but it’s also part of the retail life of this — or any — town. If “06880” covered every store closing, there would be no room for entitled drivers or the latest tree murder.

The closing of Love & Co., however, deserves mention. There’s something special — and especially sad — about the end of the home furnishings and gifts shop at 74 Church Lane (next to Sconset Square).

Love and Co. is closing.

Love and Co. is closing.

The owner — Lisa — is very sick. At the same time, she must move all her merchandise out by July 1. That’s when a new tenant arrives.

It’s slow going — and the less Lisa has to move, the better.

A friend and customer asked if “06880” could spread the word. She wants Westporters to know that for a few days, they have a chance to pick up some great items.

And in the process, do something nice for an ailing merchant.

(Love and Co. is open 10 a.m.-5 p.m., every day through June 30. Items are 50% off — and more.)

Some of the items on sale at Love and Co.

Some of the items on sale at Love and Co.



4 responses to “Show Your Love For Love & Co.

  1. Rob Bolandian


    Rob Bolandian 917.821.1514

  2. robin scarella

    Hope she gets huge turnout. So sorry she is ill. A sad story..

  3. Alden O. Sherman

    I’Il stop by to help.

  4. Armelle Daniels

    Dan, can we get the soccer boys to all come in on her last day and help her move everything out?