Kelsey Shockey Will Happily Make Your Day

Kelsey Shockey has had a tough life. But she may be the happiest girl ever to graduate from Staples.

Kelsey Shockey handled a camera at the 2012 graduation. Today, she gets her own diploma.

Kelsey Shockey handled a camera at the 2012 graduation. Today, she gets her own diploma.

The senior — who earns her diploma a few hours from now (and is a state finalist tennis player) — always has a smile. She makes each day brighter, for everyone.

Her “Happy Tips” on the “Good Morning Staples” TV show are legendary.

Last night, she took joy one step further.

She spoke at baccalaureate — and capped off her speech with a video. Produced with Jim Honeycutt and Mike Zito, it shows a variety of Staples folks singing, dancing, heading soccer balls (!), and generally being happy, all to the tune of Pharrell Williams’ song of the same name.

There are appearances by students, teachers, coaches, custodians, paraprofessionals, cafeteria ladies — even principal John Dodig and superintendent of schools Elliott Landon show up.

Staples is a high-pressure, high-stakes place. But it’s also a school filled with people who care — and who genuinely want every student to feel welcome and loved. And to be happy.

Check out the video. Kelsey Shockey will make you smile. As she has done every day, for 4 years, at the school she graduates from today.

(Click to be taken directly to YouTube.)

(Every year, Jim Honeycutt produces a 2-DVD set graduation package. It includes baccalaureate, graduation, the best of “Good Morning Staples,” Homecoming, highlights of proms, plays, concerts — you name it. Ordering details will be available next week at the Staples High School home page.)

6 responses to “Kelsey Shockey Will Happily Make Your Day

  1. Ilene Mirkine

    What a wonderful takeaway from last night’s ceremony! Thanks for sharing, Dan, and allowing others to see some of the great stuff that makes up Staples High School…

  2. Kelsey made our pre-K son Perrin smile two summers in a row when he took tennis at longshore from her. Maybe we will get lucky again this summer! Congratulations Kelsey! I am sure staples will miss you. Good luck!

  3. Cheryl McKenna

    So great thank you Dan for letting us peek into this graduating class !!
    I maintain Staples is one of the best high schools in the USA!

  4. michelle titlebaum

    Kelsey was great last night (as was the whole evening), so proud of her and her amazing grandparents!!! Thanks Dan for sharing.

  5. Stephen Rubin

    This was just totally enjoyable to watch. Thanks for sharing it. Everybody watching this should walk away with a smile on their face. Congratulations to all the graduates of 2014 – Staples.

  6. I cant tell you how happy this made me. Love SHS!