Meet The Most Important Person In Westport

Most over-entitled, self-absorbed and really obnoxious drivers take up 2 spaces with this type of parking maneuver:

Compo Shopping Center

This ass-hat took 3. No one could park in the spot behind him, either.

And no, it was not an empty lot. Alert “06880” reader Bart Shuldman took this photo in the middle of the day, when Compo Shopping Center was crowded with people.

People trying to find just 1 parking spot.

21 responses to “Meet The Most Important Person In Westport

  1. David Schaffer

    That’s a Hyundai Sonata isn’t it? The nerve! If you are going to park like that you better at least have an Acura.

  2. Two people should’ve parked in front of him and behind him. Now that would be fantastic!!

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Yes! I agree with Rich above! Then we can hear them whine and cry!

  4. Barbara Sherburne '67

    This truly borders on idiocy. Must take quite a bit of maneuvering to get into that spot.

  5. The mind boggles. What could they POSSIBLY have been thinking!? It actually have been EASIER to just pull into the parking space the usual way!

  6. Tsang, Betty

    You should include the license plate.


  7. Dorrie Thomas

    Someone should’ve parallel parked right up next to him (or her). At least get 2 cars using the spaces. And really make it impossible for the schmuck to get out!

  8. That is a Honda Accord!

    • David Schaffer

      Sorry for my mistake, but it still falls short of the status level required for such presumptousness.

  9. Sandra Cenatiempo

    OBNOXIOUS! Too bad no one boxed them in!
    That’s the way to go – I would have parked as CLOSE as possible to make getting out of that spot a nightmare!

  10. Rob Bolandian


  11. Catherine Barrett

    I think curiosity would have gotten the better of me and I would have hung around until they came out just to ask what they were thinking…

  12. Jamie Walsh

    This car is in the top 3 most obnoxious 06880 parking jobs of 2014 and quite possibly 2013 also!

  13. Joan Constantikes

    Dan, I really wish you would ask contributors to send in a pic of the license, not just the car. Then you or they could report same to police. This move would increase the embarrasment factor for the perp as well as others. Best, Joan Constantikes

  14. Chou Chou Merrill

    Aw Dan, you KNOW you have a clear shot of the license plate. We won’t tell anyone if you just whisper it to us….

  15. They are just begging to be vandalized..back on my day some people wouldn’t think twice to run a can opener right up the side

  16. Sheylah Flynn

    Too many asses…nit enough holes!

  17. Doug Conner

    A box of nails would be handy.

  18. Joan since you I were in the same class at Staples you have my exact sentiments. Print the license plate, make & color of car for the whole town to see. Just maybe this may stop some of this downright selfish acts.