Looking At A Long-Ago Day At The Beach

The old photos posted yesterday of Compo Beach brought comments from “06880” readers who remember when the beach was rocky and rutted. At the same time, it was home to massive bathhouses, and a handsome pavilion.

Several comments referenced the 2-story pavilion, shown in one of yesterday’s photos. Today it’s a simple shaded area, popular with picnickers. In the early 20th century, it rose 2 stories. A hurricane — no one seems to remember when — demolished the structure. But the town saved the roof, which we still use today.

Alert “06880” reader Loretta Hallock sent along postcards, showing 2 other views of the scene:

Compo Beach - original pavilion

Compo Beach - original pavilion 2

Note the wooden ramp heading to the water (and the formal clothes that must have made for a miserable day at the beach).

Note too that the buildings obscured any view of the beach from behind it. Kind of makes the current controversy over perimeter parking seem minor-league.


3 responses to “Looking At A Long-Ago Day At The Beach

  1. Michael Calise

    The second story pavilion was set up for diners as part of the beach concession run at that time by my Grandparents who served served dinners there

  2. Peter Barlow

    I can now report that the hurricane that “lowered” the pavilion at Compo was in 1950. I have no name for the hurricane – probably they didn’t have names then.

  3. I noted that there are no signs in either picture. Please, Let’s re-think the need for the over 238 signs that plague the beach. Count them sometime. They are everywhere. You would be amazed at how redundant they are. Let’s see what would happen if we removed just 1/2 of them.