Check Out The Balloons!

When North Atlantic Towers floats 2 balloons tomorrow morning — as part of a test for the cell tower proposed for Greens Farms Road — they’ll be greeted by a crowd of Westporters.

First Selectman Jim Marpe plans to be there. So does town attorney Ira Bloom. And conservation director Alicia Mozian.

Plus anyone else who wants to see what’s “up.”

Balloon-watchers are invited to meet at the intersection of Greens Farms and Hillspoint Road by 10 a.m. Parking is available at #116, 114, 115, 109 and 106 Greens Farms Road, and along Hillspoint Road.

Just look for the balloons!

This is NOT what will happen to the house at Greens Farms Road during tomorrow's balloon test.

This is NOT what will happen to the house at Greens Farms Road during tomorrow’s balloon test.



2 responses to “Check Out The Balloons!

  1. Mary Ann West

    Cell tower fatigue set in already? Westport is not alone: Darien, Easton, Shelton and others are all in the same boat.

    Late last year, homeowners in the Greens Farms Road area of Westport received query letters asking if anyone was interested in leasing their land to a company constructing cell towers, most threw them away, one did not.

    Bypassing local zoning & regulations, the utility companies just have to show a “public need” to the CT Siting Council. Historically, if you moved next to utility owned land, you had to know they could build a Three Mile Island, and the homeowner had nothing to fight with.

    Now in order to remain competitive with higher and more lucrative band width, utility companies seem to be stalking choice neighborhoods, and any neighborhood, in any town in Connecticut could be a victim of multinational companies.

  2. Just another balloon day at King’s Highway Elementary School! 🙂 (Or is that another Westport tradition now long gone?!?!)