The Saddest Estate Sale Ever

On the face of it, there’s nothing remarkable about the sign for this estate sale:

Estate sale

Any Westporter knows it refers to an event in the Gault Park section of town, off Cross Highway.

But if you’re not from here, it takes on a whole different meaning.

(Hat tip to Bruce Borner, for first posting this sign on Facebook.)

14 responses to “The Saddest Estate Sale Ever

  1. James M Graves

    Desperately need a punch bowl. We’ll be there.

  2. It took me a moment to get it. Your title made me think it was the estate sale of a well-loved Westporter!

  3. I might have gone if they had mentioned if the bowl included cups.

  4. I also had to read it twice and digest it as I initially took it at face value!

  5. Mark Mathias

    Reminds me of a column by Herb Caen a long time columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle of the most generic highway exit sign in the world. It was in Oakland, California and read:

    A Street

    Last time I was in Oakland, the sign was still in use.

  6. Saw that sign today and laughed to myself… Then smiled of the great times I had at 23 punch bowl…

  7. Cathy Romano

    You confused me about the Gault Park section of town. Isn’t Gault Park off Imperial Ave? Or is there another Gault Park section?

    • Gault Park is a development between Cross Highway and Weston Road, near the Hockanum estate. It was built (I believe) in the 1950s, and was named for the Gault family (of Gault Inc.) that developed it. The Gault development off Imperial — on the site of the old Gault gravel pit, opposite the Gault Field (Little League) was built much later — 1990s. Confusing, I know.

  8. When did Gault Park move from Imperial Ave. to off Cross Highway?

    David L. Meth

  9. Cathy Romano

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  10. maria vailakiswippick

    It’s called Gault Park Drive

  11. Mara Barth

    Took me a minute but finally got it! Good catch

  12. Deb Findley

    Since I pass by Punch Bowl regularly I took this for what it was and so it took a minute….very funny!