Stacy Waldman Bass Remembers Allen Raymond

Stacy Waldman Bass is a wonderful Westport photographer. When she heard the news of Allen Raymond‘s death this morning, she posted on Facebook:

He was a most remarkable man — so kind and warm-hearted, and indeed a town treasure. I had the chance to photograph Allen in connection with a book project for the Green Village Initiative several years ago. I will always remember those few minutes I spent with him then. It was the highlight of the day. He will be missed by so many. 

Stacy’s photo captures the quintessential Allen Raymond: a bit formal in an old-school way, but also up-to-date — and truly caring. It is a fitting way to remember him.

Allen Raymond (Photo/Stacy Waldman Bass)

Allen Raymond (Photo/Stacy Waldman Bass)

2 responses to “Stacy Waldman Bass Remembers Allen Raymond

  1. Craig Clark

    Very sad. Lifelong friend of my parents and maternal grandparents. Only non family member to attend my parents internment service. He will be missed.

  2. Jo Shields Dickison

    Stacy, your picture captures Allen just perfectly. You can see that you must have made his day too.
    — Jo Shields (Beth van der Veen’s auntie)