Remembering Allen Raymond

Allen Raymond — lifelong Westporter, philanthropist, tireless volunteer, devoted church member, political leader, adviser to selectmen, driving force behind the town’s 1960 purchase of Longshore, and an ever-smiling, always gracious, genuinely good guy — died this morning at home. He was 91 years old.

Specifically — among his really-too-numerous-to-mention activities — Allen served as moderator of the RTM; chairman of the Board of Education, Republican Town Committee, Earthplace and Norwalk Symphony; president of the Westport Historical Society, Westport Library and Westport/Weston Family Y — and, for over 50 years, he led the Compo Cove Park Association.

For the past decade, he’s been Westport’s official town historian. In addition to knowing our town’s history, Allen Raymond made it.

Professionally, Allen was president and publisher of Educational Publishing Company, a subsidiary of Macmillan. In 1970 he co-founded, with Patricia Broderick, Teaching K-8 Magazine. He later sold it to Highlights for Children.

A funeral service is set for Saturday, May 17, at Green’s Farms Congregational Church.

Exactly one month ago Allen — who also owned a home on Kings Highway North — visited his longtime home on Compo Cove. Click here for the story of that remarkable day.

Westport is a far richer town for Allen’s 9 decades of life here. We will be far poorer without his wisdom, grace, and generosity of money, time, energy, spirit and love.

Allen Raymond, March 2014. (Photo/Scott Smith)

Allen Raymond, March 2014. (Photo/Scott Smith)

Two years ago he Westport Y named the entrance road to their new facility at Camp Mahackeno after their longtime friend.

Two years ago the Westport Y named the entrance road to their new facility at Camp Mahackeno after their longtime friend.

Allen Raymond, circa 1963.

Allen Raymond, circa 1963.

Allen Raymond on April 1, in the Compo Cove home he loved for 91 years. (Photo/Scott Smith)

Allen Raymond on April 1, in the Compo Cove home he loved for 91 years. (Photo/Scott Smith)



13 responses to “Remembering Allen Raymond

  1. God’s Speed, and thanks for all you did to make the world a better place, it worked! – Chris Woods

  2. he was a very good man.

  3. Michael Calise

    will be missed by all

  4. John Kantor

    A sad day for Westport. Allen made a difference in so many ways, both big and small.

  5. Wally Woods

    Farewell, Allen. You brought life to almost every aspect of Westport’s essence. The whole town will miss you and honor you. Denise and I send our love to your family.
    Wally Woods

  6. A lovely man and with his wife, Barbara, they were the soft spoken power couple.

  7. Tracy Flood

    His legacy will leave it’s mark on Westport for the next hundred years or more. What a wonderful man.

  8. Maxine Bleiweis

    The Westport Library wouldn’t be on the shores of Saugatuck River if it weren’t for Allen Raymond’s determination and foresight. He was the President of the Library Board in the 1980s. A couple of weeks ago at a visit to him, Allen handed over his boxed up files of every meeting, every press release, every photo taken during that time. The dedication and caring was palpable. What a legacy he leaves behind!

  9. Farewell and Godspeed, Allen. My dad’s waiting with a bunch of colleagues to hold a Westport Bar Association meeting greeting you on the other side. Gold’s will have the sandwiches ready.

  10. Michael A. Nayor

    Allen was a wonderful man who had the uncanny ability to maintain his friendly and charming personality in the thick of typical Westport arguments, political and otherwise. He accomplished much, but first and foremost his demeanor should be an example and inspiration.for all of us.Thank you Allen.

  11. David A. Waldman

    Allen was a kind, intelligent and thoughtful man who loved his town, his family and his place in our community. Rest in Peace Allen. It was MY pleasure to have known you and spent time with you over the past 20 years.

  12. Isabelle Isafan

    The last lion of a generation of Westporters that laid the foundation for what the town is today. We owe so much to him.
    I knew Al was ailing and have been thinking recently who knows Westport the way Al did?
    Dan…are you up for it?